The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A tour of the Sect

"It might not look like it from the outside, but the entire mountain by itself is a treasure land for alchemists."

"With how rich the Qi surrounding the mountain is, not only is it a great place for humans to cultivate, but also to grow all kinds of herbs."

"And finally at the peak of the mountain there's a Spirit Lake inside the cave which is used to water the best herbs and increase their quality."

"This is why even most of the well respected alchemists outside the sect always regret not joining the Mystic Pill Sect when it was possible."

Nodding his head every once in a while as he walked beside Li Na, Yang Shen didn't forget to look scared whenever she glanced at him.

"In that direction over there is where the sect's herb garden is at. You'll find most of the low and medium level herbs used in alchemy there. However don't think that you can pick them whenever you feel like it."

"Once they are fully matured, the sect will sell them in exchange for contribution points to those who want them. You can earn points by tending to the common herb garden as well."

Taking Yang Shen around the entire mountain and showing off almost every structure constructed on it, which included pavilions to accept missions, buy and sell herbs and pills, and so on, Li Na brought Yang Shen with her to where the residences for the Inner Disciples were located.

In comparison to the small houses given to the Outer Disciples, which consisted of four rooms, one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room, and one room to refine pills, the Inner Disciples residences were many times grander. for visiting.

Consisting of not just a total of eight rooms, which included an extra bedroom, a kitchen, a special place to store the harvested herbs at, and finally a room for the disciples to cultivate in, each of the buildings had a small garden behind them where they could grow their own herbs at.

"This is actually nothing in comparison to the courtyards assigned to the Core Disciples. But don't worry. Very soon I'm going to become a Core Disciple, and once that happens I'll take you there with me!"

Beating her chest proudly as she said those words and causing the twin peaks to jiggle, Li Na tapped her token at the house's door and allowed Yang Shen to witness the magic of the door shooting open by itself.

"You'll live in that room from today onwards."

Pointing towards the spare bedroom which had remained empty since the time she moved in here, Li Na suddenly shut the door with a bang.

Grinning as she looked towards Yang Shen who jumped a little due to being shocked, Li Na pressed closed in on him and slammed her hand to his side.

"Don't even think about escaping from this place. If you dare do something stupid, fufufufufuff."

Ending her sentence with a weird laugh since she herself didn't know what she would do if he did leave her residence without her knowledge, Li Na began thinking if maybe she should put additional locks on the doors and seal the window inside the spare bedroom.

Oblivious to Li Na's thoughts, Yang Shen with a terrified expression ran inside the spare bedroom which belonged to him from today onwards.

"Feel free to use the cultivation room and the pill refining room when I'm not using it."

Shouting towards Yang Shen who was scurrying away as if she was the devil and he didn't dare stay near her any longer, Li Na while licking her lips found it regretful that she didn't meet him sooner.


"Sigh While living in this place along with a beauty is better than living alone in the houses given to the Outer Disciples, it's going to be very tiring to act like someone else the entire time."

After all, other than wanting to attract Li Na, Yang Shen acted like a shy and naive boy who was easily scared to find out how it would feel to behave like someone he wasn't.

But now that he had seen how it felt like, even though Yang Shen found the experience new, fascinating, and enjoyable, he wasn't the least bit interested in acting like that the entire time.

"What's wrong with you? You look like you're plotting something against me."

"Hehehehehehe. Huh? What? Me? Not at all, Master. As your most loyal servant I'd never plot against you."

Staring towards the still smiling black snake with narrowed eyes, Yang Shen while sensing that she was telling the truth still felt a little uncomfortable.

Shaking his head and getting rid of the unnecessary thoughts for now, Yang Shen looked around the room which was many times better than the one he lived in when inside the Great Xia Kingdom's Capital City.

A bed which was big enough for two people, two empty book shelves to keep the countless books related to alchemy in them, and finally a wardrobe to store their clothes and the sect robes in.

Throwing the robes and books in his hand on the bed, Yang Shen began thinking that he should purchase a spatial ring.

This was because even though he could use the Lecherous Cultivation System's inventory to store everything he wanted inside it, it was best he wore a spatial ring so that no one would find anything odd about him and start investigating how he could store items without a spatial ring.

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