The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 95

Chapter 95: There will never be enough points

Once he decided, Yang Shen didn't waste time and quickly opened the system's shop and searched for spatial rings.

[Low Grade Spatial Ring (50 Points)

Mid Grade Spatial Ring (250 Points)

High Grade Spatial Ring (1000 Points)]

Looking into details and finding that the spatial rings respectively provide him with 10 cubic metres, 50 cubic metres, and 1000 cubic metres respectively, Yang Shen only found that there weren't cheaper options which provided him with 1 cubic metre or even 1 cubic centimetre.

After all, he only needed a spatial ring to deceive others. He wasn't going to use it to actually store anything inside it. for visiting.

"Sigh 50 Points it is then."

Spending 50 Points and bringing his total below 500, Yang Shen after withdrawing the ring from the inventory was about to close the shop when he remembered that there was something else he had to buy.

As someone who wanted to become an alchemist, Yang Shen other than requiring countless herbs to practice with needed a proper furnace to refine pills inside.

And given how few contribution points he had with him right now, Yang Shen who had observed the pavilion where the sect sold all items related to alchemy knew that he wouldn't be able to purchase a proper furnace anytime soon.

Therefore, he could only purchase a furnace through the system's shop.

[The Great Refining Furnace (Level 5) (300 Points)

[The Falling Star Furnace (Level 6) (400 Points)

The Seven Fox Furnace (Level 6) (400 Points)

The Gold Melting Furnace (Level 6) (400 Points)

The Three Legged Crow Furnace (Level 7) (500 Points)]

Not looking past Level 6 furnaces because he right now possessed 460 Points, Yang Shen began looking at the Level 6 furnaces' details to pick one which suited his current needs.

The alchemy furnaces against the general thinking were not all the same. There were actually countless types of furnaces with each of them possessing their own special traits.

Some of them were the best at refining the herbs and getting rid of the impurities inside them which made the process of creating a pill easier, a few others excelled at providing help through arrays during the process of pill concocting.

And some others actually made it possible to control the heat of the flames more easily and therefore refine each and every herb in the best way possible.

For the current Yang Shen, controlling the heat of his flames was not a problem at all. And due to this, he wasn't worried about failing to refine the herbs and get rid of all the impurities inside them.

Therefore, it was best he picked a furnace which helped him with the process of concocting the pill.

Once he thought about this, Yang Shen almost immediately purchased the Falling Star Furnace. But right at the very last second he chose to stop himself and thought things through.

If he purchased a furnace which increased the chances of his pill concocting succeeding, he would definitely face a lot of troubles in the future.

After all, if the furnace did the most important job for him, even if it was just a part of it, Yang Shen was sure that he would face a lot of trouble in the future when he wanted to refine high level pills.

He couldn't very well depend on the furnace to do all of the heavy lifting the entire time. Therefore, in the end he picked a furnace which didn't provide him with any sort of help at all. The Seven Fox Furnace.

[The Seven Fox Furnace (Level 6)

An alchemy furnace made of Celestial Bronze and decorated with seven silver foxes. Though it possesses no abilities, it is praised for its beautiful appearance which can make female alchemists owe you a favour if you gift it to them.

Remarks: This is one of the best furnaces for Alchemy Disciples who have just started to learn alchemy. The lack of any special traits and abilities allows the alchemist to learn the proper way of Pill Concocting.]

Looking towards the three legged pill furnace which was made of a shiny bronze, decorated with seven silver coloured foxes all around it, Yang Shen felt that the system's description about it was true.

If he gifted this furnace to a female alchemist, she would definitely owe him a favour.

Storing the furnace inside the inventory after touching it for a while, Yang Shen looked towards the remaining pitiful 60 Points he had with him.

Lacking both the recipe to refine pills and the ingredients to practice pill concocting, Yang Shen was sure that the Points he had with him would definitely not be enough for either of them, much less both of them.

Therefore, he either had to obtain them from another source, or think of how to obtain Points and then buy them from the shop.

"It seems like there is no such thing as enough points."

Sighing loudly as he was once again reminded how valuable each Point was, Yang Shen sat down on the bed and began looking through the books Li Na had given him and the other two who had passed the tests and were accepted as Outer Disciples.

Not spending Points to consume them right away since he doubted that they would be worth the few Points he had left, Yang Shen after reading through all of them one after the other found that the single Beginners Guide to Alchemy contained more information related to alchemy than all of the books Li Na had given him.

Due to this he began doubting that learning anything from the sect could compare with learning it through the system.

Therefore, throwing away the thought of earning contribution points, Yang Shen shifted his focus towards the system quests in hopes of amassing Points and purchasing everything he needed through it.

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