The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Updated Quests

Before looking through the system quests, Yang Shen first began checking the shop for all things related to alchemy to get an understanding of how much it would cost him to purchase everything he needed.

Requiring not just knowledge on pill refining, but the journals containing the experience of alchemists when they refined certain pills, the pill formula, and finally the ingredients, Yang Shen realized that no matter how many points he had, he would never be able to buy them all.

It was only due to how much each of the herbs cost, and how many sets of them Yang Shen would need to practice and learn how to refine that pill which consisted of more than 70% of the cost. for visiting.

Due to this, Yang Shen decided that he'd just buy the knowledge related to alchemy from the system, and obtain the ingredients from the sect through exchanging his Contribution Points for them.

Once he decided, Yang Shen opened the quests tab which just like before had completely changed according to where he was at.

[Quests -

Grow a Mid Grade Spirit Herb and harvest it (500 XP and 5 Points)

Successfully concoct a Level 5 Pill (1,500 XP and 10 Points)

Embrace the Mystic Pill Sect's Flower (3,000 XP and 15 Points)

Sleep with the Sect Master's Wife (8,000 XP and 35 Points)

Have sex with the three female Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect (5,000 XP and 20 Points)

Bed the sole female Grand Elder (6,000 XP and 30 Points)

Have a threesome with two female core disciples (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Have an orgy with 10 female inner disciples (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Sleep with a Deacon (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Become an Inner Disciple of the Mystic Pill Sect within 3 months (1,000 XP and 5 Points)]

Looking through the quests, some of which were related to alchemy and the other to sex, Yang Shen understood that the first thing he needed to do was obtain information related to the members of the sect.

Until now, Li Na had only explained about the buildings and the structure of power inside the sect, she hadn't said anything about who was who due to which Yang Shen needed to find out who was who by himself.

The only problem with him doing that was that he had to leave the house first, and Li Na would definitely not let him have it easy if he wanted to waltz out the main door.


Alchemy other than being a very costly profession to train in, was one of the hardest arts to learn.

Starting from obtaining the herbs, preparing them, refining them, removing the impurities inside them, and finally fuse them all together and concocting the pill, none of the steps which needed to be completed to successfully refine a pill were easy in the slightest.

Thus, even though many people want to become alchemists, less than 10% have talent in it, and even fewer of them possess enough wealth to stay on the path and become a proper alchemist worthy of the title Alchemist.

Alchemy Disciple, Alchemy Master, and Alchemy Grandmaster represented the three levels of Alchemist in the Great Cloud Continent.

An Alchemy Disciple could at most properly utilize Low Level Spirit Herbs and refine pills below level 4.

An Alchemy Master on the other hand depending on their abilities could use both Mid Grade and High Grade Herbs to refine pills all the way until Level 9.

And finally an Alchemy Grandmaster was the sole type of Alchemist who could use Peak Grade Mortal Herbs and refine the legendary Level 10 Pills!

Alchemy Grandmasters however were as few as stars in the day sky. Including the Mystic Pill Sect's Sect Master, and the three Grand Elders, there were less than a total of ten individuals who could successfully refine Level 10 Pills.

And even then, the so-called Alchemy Grandmasters could only boast a measly 20% rate in successfully concocting a Level 10 Pill.

As for the successfully refined Level 10 Pills, it would be considered as a miracle if any of them were above five stars in quality.

Pill Stars were the way to identify the quality of a pill. Ranging from 1 Star, the lowest quality, to 10 Stars, the perfect quality, the respect an alchemist received depended not just on their level but how many stars they could guarantee when concocting a pill.

In simple terms, a 1 Star pill meant that the pill could show off 10% of the potency of all the ingredients used in creating it. Therefore, pills with 10 Stars were near impossible to be produced whenever wanted to, and would only be formed when the alchemist was very lucky.

Thus, when a pill with 10 Stars was formed, a phenomenon known as the Pill Cloud would form.

Also, it had to be noted that while they were called Pill Stars, they were nothing more than pin sized dots on top of the otherwise glossy surface.

It was quite hard to imagine, but the difference of one of those dots on the surface was more than capable of doubling, and even tripling the value of the pill!

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