The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 98 2

Chapter 98: The perks of being handsome Part 2

"Crowding like bees do around honey. How pathetic."

Speaking to herself in a low voice, Luan Meirong used her hands to flick the long black hair which was falling on her plump breasts behind her.

Continuing to walk forward as she began thinking about how she should decide who'd receive the mission to look after the elder's herb garden this time, Meirong saw something which immediately caught her attention.

Standing out from the rest of the disciples who were all gathered around in the same place like pigs, there was someone who was leisurely lying on a bench on the side of the path which was quite a distance away from the Missions Pavilion.

With one leg resting on top of the knee of the other leg, the black haired outer disciple had a snake which was abysmal black in colour wrapped around his neck.

Approaching him who seemed to not have even the slightest care about who received the mission, the black-robed Deacon spoke with a voice sweeter than honey.

"What are you doing here? Don't you want to obtain the mission to take care of Elder Lin's herb garden?" for visiting.

Replying without even opening his eyes, Yang Shen said, "Even if I want to. It'll be impossible for me to make my way through all of them."

"Does that mean you've given up on obtaining the mission?"

"Give up? Not at all."

"Oh? And how do you plan on obtaining the mission by staying so far away from the pavilion? Are you waiting for the mission to fall in your lap?"

"Not really. I'm waiting for the deacon to come and sit on my lap."

Feeling her lips twitching as she heard those words, Meirong with a forced smile said, "I never knew the Deacon had a lover."

"She doesn't. But she's about to find one."

Not waiting for the woman to speak, Yang Shen said, "I don't need to use my fists or words like those idiots there to obtain the mission. My charms are more than enough to get me the mission. One look towards me, and the Deacon will throw herself onto me."

"You're quite confident."

Gesturing towards his body with his eyes still closed, Yang Shen asked, "Should I not be?"

Licking her lips as she heard those words, Meirong said, "You definitely should."

Grabbing Yang Shen's arm and tugging on it without saying anything else, the woman whose cultivation was in the early stages of the Nascent Realm released an invisible pressure which weighed down on everyone in front of her.

"Give way."

Even though Meirong spoke softly, as soon as her words left her mouth, every single one including the Core Disciples hastily stepped to the side and made way for Meirong and the flustered Yang Shen to walk through.

"The mission to take care of Elder Lin's herb garden is no longer available. If you aren't here to submit the completion of your mission, or want to pick another mission, disperse before I deduct 100 Contribution Points from each and every one of you."

"What?! Who obtained the mission?!"

"Impossible! I'm not leaving unless I obtain the mission! My brother is also a Deacon!"

"Yes! Yes! You cannot show partiality and give the mission to whomever you want! We want an expla"


Amplifying her voice with her Qi, Meirong's voice was so loud that everyone other than Yang Shen felt like their eardrums were going to burst.

"I decide who receives what mission. If you've got a problem with my decision, then step up. I'm more than willing to make sure none of you receives a mission ever again."


Gritting their teeth from indignation, everyone seemed like they had something to say. But in face of the Deacon's threat, not a single one stepped up and only looked towards each other.

"You, your brother is a Deacon as well! Step up and say something."

"Me?! What happened to your heart of a saint?! You should be the one who fights against injustice!"

"Ah? Hehehehehe I just remembered that there's something I have to do. I didn't really want the mission anyway."

"Right! I didn't want it either! I'd rather...!"

Ignoring the crowd which was slowly disappearing despite their reluctance to do so, Meirong pulled Yang Shen inside the now empty pavilion and locked the door.

"You-You're the Deacon responsible for handing out the missions?!"

Rolling her eyes, Meirong released Yang Shen's hand and said, "You can drop the act. I know that you knew who I was even before I approached you."

In that case, why did she bring him with her and even give him the mission?

Honestly, after listening to the countless tasteless compliments and throwing away the most useless gifts from those who wanted her to give them the special missions, Meirong found Yang Shen's attempt to obtain the mission quite interesting.

More important than that though was how handsome Yang Shen was.

As someone who had seen her fair share of the world, Meirong didn't have hopes for things like true love and all that crap.

But before she got married for good and settled down, wasn't she allowed to enjoy herself with someone so handsome?

It wasn't every day that any woman could come across someone as attractive as Yang Shen.

"Guilty as charged, Miss Deacon. But since you've brought me with you, there's something you want from me."

"It's good that you admit it, and your thoughts are true. There's something I want from you."

"Since I've committed the crime, I'm of course ready to pay the price. Tell me what you want."

Moving close to Yang Shen who lazily sat down in the chair which she usually sat in, Meirong sat on the table opposite to it.

Untying the sash wrapped around her waist and very slowly parting the robes to reveal her milk white skin underneath them, Meirong gently stroked her flat belly with a finger and said, "I want you to ravish me so bad that I won't be able to walk properly for an entire month."

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