The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Steamy sex inside the Missions Pavillion

"Since that is what you asked for, make sure you don't regret it when I fulfil it."

Speaking as he looked towards the woman who looked like she was in her late 20s, Yang Shen stretched his hands and hugged her slim waist.

Pulling Meirong off the table and onto his lap, Yang Shen despite not expecting for things to go so easily and the Deacon to be such a perverted woman, showed not even the slightest disappointment.

After all, while the thrill of making a woman slowly submit to you was nice, that wasn't all there was.

Having a steamy encounter with a beautiful lady who was throwing herself at him? Such incidents didn't happen every day.

Meirong while incomparable to Li Na purely in terms of appearance, did possess something the still maturing Mystic Sect's Flower did not possess. A mature and alluring aura which could turn all men into beasts.

Moving his hands to the back of Meirong's waist, Yang Shen while looking into the eyes of the beauty who was sitting on his lamp drove his hands lower and arrived above her ass.


Moaning a little as Yang Shen squeezed her ass, which in comparison to her breasts was a little flat, Meirong's eyes turned brighter.

After all, even though it had been a long time since she had sex, Meirong knew that her body hadn't turned so sensitive that she would moan from just being touched. What did this mean? It meant that other than a handsome appearance, the one she brought with him was someone who knew the bodies of women so well that he could make them feel good with everything he did.

Gulping hard as she imagined the possibility of what she asked Yang Shen to do turning into a reality, Meirong didn't wait for the outer disciple to get to it and began removing her robe.

Throwing the black robe to the side which resulted in almost her entire body being exposed to Yang Shen's fiery eyes, Meirong now only had a pair of violet coloured bra and panty covering her most intimate areas.

What had to be mentioned though was how the bra and pant weren't the plain kind like the one Yang Shen had seen until now.

Made of what looked like a very delicate fabric, the bra which was struggling to keep the pair of huge breasts inside them and in place consisted of countless small holes which other than exposing the milky peaks created the pattern of flowers on it.

In short, the bra looked similar to those lace type lingerie present back on Earth. for visiting.

What stood out the most though wasn't the bra, but rather the panty Meirong was wearing.

While made of the same material which was quite soft and nice to touch, there were no small holes which exposed the skin they were covering while showing off a pattern.

Instead, it looked like someone used a knife and made a clean cut through the piece of fabric.

Gulping a little and moving his hand away from the woman's ass and bringing it near her crotch, Yang Shen despite having seen with his eyes was filled with a special excitement as he parted the fabric and revealed the beautiful pink lips.

"How is it? Quite a turn on, isn't it?"

Nodding his head a little, Yang Shen didn't stay amazed for too long and resumed touching the half-naked beauty all over.

Getting rid of the bra, but not the panty since he planned on drilling her through the hole in it, Yang Shen after squeezing his face in the middle of the gravity defying pair started teasing Meirong's pussy.

Using four of his fingers to gently part the puffy lips and massage them, Yang Shen invaded Meirong's steamy insides with his stretched middle finger.


Grabbing onto Yang Shen's shoulders, Meirong who never felt so good when she touched herself down there couldn't react in time when the young man started rubbing her exposed clitoris with the insides of his palm.


Letting out a high pitched scream due to the unexpected stimulus, Meirong's hands turned a little weak due to which her upper body slanted and began resting against Yang Shen.

The boy's fingers however didn't stop moving for even a second. Using the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique the entire time he was touching her, Yang Shen caused Meirong's insides to be covered in a thick layer of moist and slippery fluids.

At the same time, Yang Shen could feel Meirong's pussy tightening around his finger and doing its best to try and keep it inside due to how good it was feeling right now.

Unfortunately Yang Shen didn't fulfill the vagina's wishes and instead pulled his finger out of it.

"Noo! Don't stop!"

Screaming loudly in reluctance, Meirong moved her waist in hopes of making the finger enter her wet cave once again.

It was too bad that Yang Shen's hand was no longer near her crotch due to which she couldn't fulfil her wish.

"Why did you stop?! I was just about to cum!"

Ignoring Meirong who was very agitated due to being deprived of the chance to orgasm, Yang Shen pointed towards his clothes and said, "Help me undress."

"What?! You want me to help you remove your clothes?! I'm a Deacon!"

Not saying anything, Yang Shen continued looking towards Meirong with a smile until she could no longer remain unfazed.

"Ugghhhh!!! Fine! But just this once!"

Getting off of Yang Shen's lap, Meirong showed zero hesitation as she began removing the light green robes eagerly.

As for her words, even though she tried her best to make it sound like she meant it, even Yang Shen knew that she didn't actually mean it.

Having just now almost orgasmed, Meirong was willing to do almost anything Yang Shen asked of her in hopes of feeling the same way and once again.

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