The Legend Of Futian Book 9 Chapter 2208

Vol 9 Chapter 2208: Palace Lord

Ye Futian and his party settled in the Ziwei Imperial Palace temporarily, and Mu Daozun was also entertaining them with delicious food and drink. After that, people from other outside forces also rushed to the Ziwei Imperial Palace.

Ziwei Imperial Palace is also always coming, and all entertained them to rest in the Imperial Palace.

The forces also understood the power of the Ziwei Imperial Palace, so they did not act rashly and waited very quietly. They also wanted to meet the master of this star field, Ziwei Star Master, to see how this strong figure existed.

Incidents passed day by day, Ye Futian and the others were practicing in a palace, waiting patiently.

Lao Ma came here to sit down and said to Ye Futian: "I don't know when the palace lord will be summoned."

"It should be coming soon." Ye Futian smiled and said: "Old Ma, do you feel familiar?"

"En." Lao Ma nodded: "You mean the village."

"Yes." Ye Futian knows that Lao Ma understands that now the ban on the Ziwei Star Territory has been released, and the Ziwei Palace is exposed to the outside world, it is actually a bit like the Sifang Village ban was lifted, and Sifang Village joined the WTO. Go to Sifang Village.

In fact, there is not much difference, but it was only the forces of the upper Qing domain that entered the Sifang Village at that time, but now it is the entire outside force, which is very different. Even if it is as powerful as the Ziwei Palace, they have to deal with it seriously. Otherwise, the situation will be the same as in Sifang Village.

"We are one of them now." Ye Futian smiled and shook his head. Although they didn't do anything, they came, which is actually an attitude.

"At least we will not destroy." Old Ma said.

Ye Futian smiled and didn't say much. He did not intend to destroy the predation, but people in the spiritual world's yearning and exploration of powerful forces will make them unconsciously do things that threaten others. There is nothing self-explanatory about this. They came here, in fact, they threatened Ziwei Imperial Palace.

"If one day, I can make rules, maybe it won't be like this." Ye Futian murmured, if he has the strongest power, then he will set the rules.

Nowadays, crazy practice wants to get stronger power, just to live, let yourself live, let Tianyu Academy live, I used to think that the stronger the practice, the more freedom, but in fact, The stronger the practice, the more involuntary one becomes, and the more things they carry.

Therefore, I can only go forward and reach the end of the road of cultivation.

"I hope that I can have the opportunity to see that day with my own eyes." Nanhuang came here and said, with high expectations of Ye Futian.

Make the rules, who will make the rules in this world?

The rules of Shenzhou were formulated by Emperor Donghuang.

If Ye Futian wants to make rules, then he must go to the altar and stand in the supreme place.

Even the current Ziwei Emperor Palace Master can only specify the rules of this star field. Now that this star field borders the outside world, his rules are also restricted.

Ye Futian smiled at Nanhuang, how long will this day take?

Who knows.

After a few more days, the Ziwei Imperial Palace has more and more cultivation forces. On this day, on the palace towering into the sky, there is a glowing glow, which is extremely holy, making the endless and endless Ziwei Imperial Palace bathe In the divine light, it appears solemn and solemn.

Ye Futian and the others were in the palace, and the group of people looked towards that direction, and saw someone approaching from the sky, and said to them: "Everyone, the palace lord is out, summon everyone, please."

Everyone nodded, and then followed the other side and walked away from the sky, towards the sacred temple.

It's not just them. In every direction, many practitioners of the top forces are walking in the sky, heading there from different directions.

After a while, they came here, the temple towering into the sky, magnificent, the light from above, giving people a solemn and holy feeling.

In front of the temple, there are many cultivators standing on it, wearing star robes, on both sides, everyone is a giant figure, one of them is a temple, the other is a ladder, and there are many on the ladder. The emperor in star robes faced down the stairs.

There is a huge space below the stairs, extremely empty. At this moment, those practitioners who came from the sky are brought down in this open space, and there are constant forces coming over, standing there and looking up to the sky above the stairs.

Many top figures have deep pupils, thinking that the ceremony of the purple palace lords exit and summons is really spectacular, like a real emperor summoning them, a big battle.

But none of them showed dissatisfaction. After all, the palace lord of the Ziwei Imperial Palace was the owner of this star field, and he was indeed an emperor-level figure.

In this world, the opponent is the supreme being.

When Ye Futian arrived, there were already many cultivators from the powers. They landed on the ground and looked at the front as well. It was indeed the first time I saw this battle, which allowed so many giants to line up. Waiting on both sides, I wonder if the palace lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace will be the strongest person he has ever seen in the true sense.

Some acquaintances of Ye Futian also came here. With the arrival of more and more top forces, the forces gathered in the Ziwei Imperial Palace this time may be beyond imagination, not only the top forces of the 18 regions of Shenzhou, There are also top forces from the dark world and the empty gods.

glanced at the stairs, this lineup was simply horrible.

More than half of the forces that horrified descended on the original world came here.

The dusty world opened, the world was forbidden by the ancient and legendary Emperor Ziwei, and it was the place where Emperor Ziwei once practiced, how could they not come.

At this moment, I saw an extremely dazzling light flashing in the temple, and then three figures appeared and walked out of the temple.

The man in the middle of the head is an elder who looks like fifty or so, but there are terrible stars in his eyes. The robe he wears is embroidered with star patterns, and his long black hair is sprinkled there. , As if only looking at his temperament, he was an extraordinary figure, with a high-level aura on his body.

As he walked forward, the strong men on both sides bowed and saluted, and said loudly: "See the palace lord."

The practitioner standing on the ladder also turned to face there, saluting and shouting: "See the palace lord."

The old man is indeed the lord of the Ziwei Palace.

He also held a scepter in his hand, the scepter of stars, and when he stepped, the scepter in his hand fell on the ground and made a crisp sound, which was exceptionally clear in the silent space.

The palace lord of the original Ziwei Palace was also among the crowd. Seeing the picture in front of him, his heart was extremely complicated. The ancient legend is true. He did open up the dusty history. However, everything that happened after that was not as imagined. The difference is different, here are the successors of the Great Ziwei, they are adhering to the way of the Great Ziwei, and it is not his turn to inherit.

The lord of the Ziwei Imperial Palace stepped forward. He walked to the front of the stairs and looked around the crowd. His eyes seemed to be not human eyes, but like two stars, with starlight flowing, looking down into the mighty sky. When he was a strong man, his eyes were extremely calm, still carrying the aura of the superior.

On the contrary, although the lineup below is terrifying, those strong from all sides feel an invisible coercion, the coercion from the superior.

"Experienced the powerful existence of the Great Great Tribulation." Someone secretly said in his heart.

Duan Tianxiong looked at each other, and Transmitted Voice to Ye Futian and others beside him: "This person has experienced at least one tribulation~wuxiaworld.online~ It is very likely that there will be two."

The triumph of the gods is threefold, after the three calamities, you are the god.

Duan Tianxiong felt the aura of the opponent, guessing that the palace lord of the Ziwei Palace may be a super existence who has survived two divine calamities. If this is the case, even a figure of this level is facing a giant figure. Can be rolled directly.

Then, it is no surprise that those top powerhouses treat him so respectfully.

In the vast space, the top powerhouses are here, but it is exceptionally quiet here, no one speaks, everyone is waiting for the palace owner of the Ziwei Imperial Palace to speak. The owner of this purple star field is placed outside, and it is definitely a super giant. Exists.

"You must have known the world of Ziwei, so I will not introduce it again. Many years ago, Emperor Ziwei banned this world. Today, countless years later, the dusty world is opened and connected to the outside world again. You are here. Here, as the palace owner of the Ziwei Emperor, I welcome you all." The palace owner of the Ziwei Emperor said, his voice is not loud, but it resounds through the world, everyone can hear clearly.

"Since I'm here, I have summoned you today, just to ask, if you have any thoughts, you can tell me what you think." The palace lord of the Ziwei Emperor asked.

"In the outside world, Emperor Ziwei is an ancient god, the **** of ancient times. Now he came to the world of Emperor Ziwei. I want to ask the Lord of the Palace, the world of Emperor Ziwei. There are relics left by the Great Emperor and I can feel the legendary Emperor Demeanor." Only one person said loudly.

This is what everyone wants to ask. The palace lord of the Ziwei Emperor looked at the person, and he nodded directly: "Yes, and, in this imperial palace, here is the place where Emperor Ziwei once practiced. !"

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