The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Finding Him Extremely Familiar

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Hearing that Wang Qianyun had gone looking for Lu Man again, Han Zhuolis face darkened and turned cold instantly.

However, the next moment, he casually said, "I agreed to treat your friends to a meal before, ask them if they have time now. If they do, lets just do it today."

"Wait for a moment."

Han Zhuoli could hear Lu Man ask them in a soft tone on the other end.

Following that, there were high-pitched screaming sounds. "Were free! Of course, were free!"

The three of them nodded their heads in excitement, and thus with a big, amusing smile on her face, Lu Man replied to Han Zhuoli.

"I heard them."

Following Lu Man to cross the road, they saw Han Zhuolis car.

Han Zhuoli got down the car to wait for them.

They had yet to reach when Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei were at a loss for words.

Oh! My! God!

He He is too handsome!

Before this, having seen his back and his side view for a split second they knew that Lu Mans boyfriend was very handsome. However, they never imagined that he would be so heaven-defying handsome!

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!"

Not caring about their image, the three of them shrieked in excitement.

Pan Xue was even grabbed Lu Mans shoulders, shaking her back and forth as she shouted, "Lu Man, ah! Im so envious of you! Where did you find such a handsome boyfriend! Hes too handsome!"

Even the Han Leilei who was normally very calm could not help but mutter, "I thought that Han Zhuofeng was already very handsome, but I did not think that Han Zhuofengs older brother would be a hundred times more handsome than him."

In fact, Han Zhuofengs facial features were actually a bit similar to Han Zhuoli.

However, Han Zhoulis experience and age added a more mature manly attractiveness to him, and his features were even more well defined and obvious than that of Han.

At first, he seemed a bit cold and aloof, but the more one looked at him, the more they would find him attractive.

His had an athletic, manly build like that of a model and his distinctive aura added an exquisite charm to his personality. It was really their first time seeing such a drop-dead gorgeous man.

This striking man, he was really not made for the human realm!

Zheng Yuanshi yelled in excited, "Lu Man, where did you find him, tell me, Ill go there and squat to wait!"

"What squat?" Lu Man laughed. "Its not like a factory manufacturing where you can squat in wait for it."

Feeling proud, Lu Man grinned ear to ear. "My boyfriend, theres only this one."

"No wonder you never talk about your boyfriend and bring him out either." Pan Xue held her face in awe. "If you bring him out, thatll be very dangerous! One more person seeing him means one more love rival."

Lu Man cursed in her heart, you guys dont know, the Wang Qianyun whom we met just now is one of them.

Meanwhile, their words did not offend Han Zhuoli at all.

He could tell that the three of them did not have any evil intentions and were just admiring him.

His little girls ability to judge people was quite good.

Although they were Lu Mans classmates, Lu Man was always very calm, and she seemed more mature than them.

When Han Zhuoli met Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue, Han Leilei, he really thought of them as little girls in the same generation as his nieces.

"How about we get inside the car first." Han Zhouli advised.

Lu Man sat in the front passenger seat while the three of them sat in the backseat.

After Pan Xue sat down, with a sincere face, Pan Xue said innocently, "We saw this car every time but never imagined that we would have the opportunity to sit in it someday."

On the other hand, Han Leilei could not hold herself back, and asked Zheng Yuanshi in a low voice, "Yuan Er, why do I feel that Lu Mans boyfriend looks extremely familiar like I have seen him somewhere before?"

Pan Xue covered her mouth and laughed. "If I did not know you, I would feel that you were using an old-fashioned pick-up line."

Making a face, Han Leilei rolled her eyes at her.

Zheng Yuanshi also said in a low voice, "I have the same feeling too, but I cant pinpoint where Ive seen him before. But that shouldnt be the case because we definitely did not know Lu Mans boyfriend until now. Hes not a public figure who appears on the television often either, but why do we feel that he looks familiar?"

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