The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Lu Mans Face Appeared In His Mind

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"I didnt know either. Perhaps she became proud after successfully filming two movies. Or perhaps she honestly didnt live up to her name. She looks pretty good in her movies, but the background and other parts of the movie will make her seem better, and with the directors direction too. However, its only her when it comes to the exam, so she doesnt have that ability." Lu Qi scoffed mockingly.

"Hehehe, its still our Qi Qi who performed steadily and consistently. She has the skill." Xia Qingyang grinned from ear to ear. "After you pass this inter-school championships, you will definitely shine."

Leaving the Lu family home, Lu Qi held onto He Zhengbais arm. "Zhengbai, where are we going now?"

"You still want to go out?" He Zhengbai was surprised.

Lu Qi was tongue-tied for a moment. "Were not not going out?"

He Zhengbai peeled her hand away from his arm. "Youre about to take part in the competition. At such a crucial period, you should properly prepare for it in case any accident happens when the time comes around. Besides, I also have to prepare for the television show that I plan to film."

He Zhengbai smiled gently. "You should go back soon. Be good, after this period of time, we will have plenty of time to spend together. After my television show starts filming and you get first place in the Chinese Arts Championships after working hard, both our careers will start getting back on track again and there will be fewer things bothering us. We will be more relaxed when we are together."

Lu Qi pouted. "Alright, then."

But she still hugged He Zhengbai reluctantly. She lifted her head up, asking for a kiss.

He Zhengbai was initially getting a little annoyed, but when he lowered his head and saw Lu Qis beautiful and pretty face, he felt like he ultimately wasnt losing anything and lowered his head and kissed her.

Lu Qi was pretty. But no matter how pretty she was, you will still get sick of eating such grand meals every day.

He was indeed getting a little sick of Lu Qi.

At most, Lu Qis face could still be looked at. Its fine that she didnt make him lose his appetite.

But for some strange reason, Lu Mans face appeared in He Zhengbais mind.

In the past, Lu Man had been Lu Qis assistant, so every day, she wore a baggy T-shirt and jeans, covering up her figure. She looked like she was as bony as a match and didnt have any curves.

And also because she was Lu Qis assistant, while Lu Qi was dolled up prettily and brightly every day, in order to not let Lu Man steal the limelight from her, she even strictly restricted Lu Man to dressing shabbily, the more to make Lu Qi stand out.

And during that time, Lu Man did every single thing for Lu Qi, as diligent as a cow.

She busied herself every day and ran around to all sorts of different places. Saying that her face was skinny and her complexion yellow wasnt an exaggeration at all.

Lu Man back then, under Lu Qis glowing appearance, was indeed not really outstanding. People wouldnt feel any excitement or interest when they saw her.

In the past, He Zhengbai didnt touch Lu Man because Lu Man had been unwilling.

However, eventually, He Zhengbai really didnt have much of an appetite. Seeing Lu Mans pale and sallow face, he really couldnt kiss her.

But in the end, Lu Man left the Lu family and her life got better and better.

From an unknown time onwards, somewhere he couldnt see, Lu Man had surprisingly been changing.

When he saw her again, Lu Man had become someone he completely couldnt have imagined.

Beautiful, eye-catching.

Her skin was as fair as snow, her small face the size of a palm. Her facial features were exactly where they should be. Her eyebrows were simply perfect; it shouldnt be any thicker, but it shouldnt be any fainter either. Both her lips were red even without lipstick.

Without those baggy clothes and pants hiding it, Lu Mans figure was surprisingly so good.

Her waist was slim and her legs were long. Her pair of long legs wouldnt lose out to a models, even. Her proportions were so good, it was really shocking.

Her waist was so slender it was like you couldnt even hold it.

Once, in school, he saw Lu Man wearing a skirt from afar. It was just above the knee and should have been awkward. It would have been too easy for her to reveal any flaws in her body.

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