The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 821

Chapter 821 The Trap In The Contract

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He was someone who behaved differently depending on who hes with. He was a sly person who stepped on the less powerful and sucked up to the powerful.

And because of that, he held his temper in and told himself it was for the sake of his students.

Dean He took a deep breath and swallowed his anger.

And the anger that appeared due to the assistant director, he could not throw at the students.

This is the assistant director ofThe Performer, Xu Yaojie. Assistant Director Xu. Although Dean He had held back his anger because of the students, he still could not help but cause Xu Yaojie to feel disgusted.

The subordinates that Xu Yaojie had brought had called him Director Xu. Obviously, Xu Yaojie really did not like the additional word, assistant.

As expected, upon hearing Dean Hes words, Xu Yaojies face darkened.

Yang Ruitian hurriedly greeted, Director Xu, hello.

Her mouth was quite sweet, knowing to get rid of the word assistant.

Xu Yaojies face now looked a lot better, and arrogantly, he told the people there, Sit. Everyone, sit.

In his eyes, they were all just students. Even if they were a bit famous, they were still C-listers and could not even be considered to be in the B list.

He did not care much even about the famous celebrities. After all, he was a member of the production group of the show.

Everyone greeted Xu Yaojie.

Xu Yaojie had his assistant bring out the contract and handed it to them. Take a look. If theres no problem, you can sign it.

Everyone just took a quick look, then passed it to their managers for them to take a look.

Hu Zhonghui had Lu Man make the decisions herself. Although she was called Lu Mans manager, Lu Man was still the one making decisions.

Lu Man looked at the first page of the contract. There was no problem.

But after she looked at the next page, she frowned and raised her head to ask Xu Yaojie, The contract stipulates that everything in the show, in the end, would follow the explanation of the production group. The celebrities need to accommodate the needs of the production group in terms of the effects in the show.

Is there a problem? Xu Yaojie frowned, not liking a student who was so troublesome.

He knew about Lu Man who had filmed two movies, but to him, Lu Man was just that.

She did not have any other project, and she did not have a lot of opportunities to show her face. She was just someone who had recently entered the entertainment industry and was known because of one project.

If she did not take on more advertisements and promotions, she would be very quickly forgotten by people.

With that kind of fame level, she did not have the right to discuss conditions with their production group.

I want to know, what does it mean to follow the explanation of the production group? Furthermore, the effects in the show, what are the limits of that? Lu Man asked.

The other people were all stunned. They had all been planning on signing when they heard Lu Mans words and stopped.

That was true. This part was a bit unclear.

Xu Yaojie frowned and said, At the root of it, our show is one meant to entertain, and it places entertainment as its main priority, with the final goal of attracting the audiences eyes. Since its a variety show, there must be effects in the show. Is that hard to understand?

Its not hard to understand. Lu Man nodded.

Xu Yaojie sneered, feeling like Lu Man was finding trouble for nothing. If its not hard to understand, then sign. After I go back, I have to continue preparing for filming.

Its not hard to understand, so I need to understand the limits. The effects of the show, what range does it have? The contract said effects in the show, but what kind of details that include, the contract is not clear about it, Lu Man said.

The contract talks about the effects of the show. Does it include the actors pretending not to get along?

Does it include the celebrities having to act in the role that the production group wishes them to, whether its likable or not?

Does it include the production group already having internally decided who would win and lose and the celebrity having to perform according to the requirements?

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