The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 823

Chapter 823 What About You All? Are You Signing?

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When your Chinese Arts Championships organizers were discussing things with us, wanting to give you students a chance to make it big, our production group barely agreed after talking about it for a long time. Otherwise, do you think that you, a celebrity with so little fame, could enter our show?

Ha! Xu Yaojie laughed coldly. If you want to participate in this show, you can participate. If you dont want to participate, no one is begging you to. Dont think that you are very great because youve acted in two movies. After a while, no one would recognize you.

Xu Yaojie was extremely angry. Small celebrities who had just started out dared to be impolite to him?

Look at Yang Ruitian, hurriedly trying to suck up to him.

Did Lu Man think that she was very good, daring to pick up problems in the contract herself, wanting to chat about the contract with their production group?

If she was an A-lister, that was one thing. They would definitely change the contract.

But a small celebrity like Lu Manwho cared about her?!

Not hurrying to beg their production group and even picking at the contract?

How could she have the right to pick?!

Lu Man ignored Xu Yaojies mocking. Her expression not changing, she really just sat there, not signing the contract.

When Xu Yaojie saw that, he coldly sneered.

Since she did not want to sign the contract, she could just walk away. What was she sitting there for?

Did she really think that doing that could force him to change his mind?

Based on what he saw, Lu Man did not really want to withdraw and was just trying to put up a front.

Sitting over there, was she still waiting for him to ask her to stay?


He refused to ask her to stay!

She could sign it if she wants.

Just let her sit there!

There was no use, no matter how long she sat there.

When everyone had signed, the one who would be embarrassed was her.

At that time, even if she wanted to sign, he would not give her the chance!

Xu Yaojie ignored Lu Man and looked towards the other four. What about you guys? Are you all signing?

Ni Xue looked at her manager. Her manager, Wang Lijun, said, We agree to these conditions, but you must promise that when you are creating headlines, trying to increase the shows popularity, or causing contradictions, these would not harm Ni Xues reputation. She can have disagreements with people, but the blame definitely cannot all be placed on her. Everyone has their own logic. Letting the fans argue about it among themselves, thats no problem.

Of course. I can promise that after you all sign, whatever drama I create, the reputation you guys have wont be one wherein youre being criticized by everyone, Xu Yaojie said.

Its the same for the rest of you, he promised the other people.

Wang Lijun nodded at Ni Xue. Then theres no problem. Sign it. It doesnt matter who wins or loses, the most important thing is to increase your exposure.

After Wang Lijun said that, she took a look at Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui as well.

She found it strange. Lu Man was not grabbing hold of this kind of good opportunity. Instead, she was giving it up because of her morals.

She had seen a lot of these kinds of celebrities; it was nothing unusual.

When the celebrity was not cooperating, it was the job of the manager to convince that celebrity.

She found it strange. Normally, in this kind of situation, it was the manager who should be convincing the celebrity.

But Hu Zhonghui totally seemed like she was not controlling her. She was letting Lu Man do whatever she wanted.

Look at Hu Zhonghui nowshe was still out of it.

When Yang Ruitian and Chang Yachen took a look at the contract, they also felt there was no problem.

They entered the industry early, and they were used to this kind of move, purposely making up topics to be talked about.

Yang Ruitian, especially. Ever since she entered the industry, she would use all kinds of ways to make news articles of herself be written, even sending out article drafts.

One moment, theyre saying that her beauty oppressed someone, the next, theyre praising her looks and acting for being good.

Anyway, shed just send all kinds of articles everywhere praising herself. She never stopped trying to make herself relevant.

Chang Yachen was considered the one with the least fame among them. She really needed a platform to increase her fame, and so she instantly signed.

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