The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 831

Chapter 831 She Is Basically A Bstard

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"You are crazy! Your salary is only tens of millions, but Yi Lu Culture is a companyits worth hundreds of millions! You want to use your salary of tens of millions of yuan to exchange for my company? What are you thinking?!" Lu Qiyuan was extremely furious. Stop dreaming!

Lu Man pretended to be shocked and widened her eyes. "Oh, so its worth so much money? You should sell the company, then. That way, it can fill any holes in Lu Corporation right now."

Lu Qiyuan violently choked. He never did expect that Lu Man was actually waiting for this opportunity!

"My tens of millions of salary completely wouldnt be of much help, right?" Lu Man said as she smiled. "Dont you just want my money? Let me tell you, its impossible!"

"Lu Man, could it be that youre not going to acknowledge me as your father anymore?" Lu Qiyuan questioned.

"Yes, Im not!" Lu Man said it directly. "I wanted to stop acknowledging you long ago. So, no matter what happens, dont come looking for me ever again!"

All of the blood in Lu Qiyuans body rushed to his head, turning his face a bright shade of red. Even the whites of his eyes became bloodshot.

"You are my flesh and bone, how dare you not acknowledge me?" Lu Qiyuan shouted loudly. "Let me tell you, Lu Man, you cant just stop acknowledging me just because you say so! You are my child, so dont ever think about cutting yourself off from me, Lu Man! I raised you until youre so big, its right and reasonable that you give me money!"

The ruckus attracted quite some people who wanted to know what was going on. Unknowingly, they had formed a circle around them.

Xia Qingyang took advantage of the situation and said to the observing crowd, "Quick, come and judge for yourself! How could someone not acknowledge their own father? This is Lu Man! The Lu Man who filmedGreedy Wolf OperationandRed Tiger! She is so impressive now, she is rich now, and shes just forsaking her father! She is basically a b*stard!"Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

Zhou Cheng was so angry he wanted to move forward. In the past, hed never hit a woman, but he was about to make an exception this time.

Lu Man held him back and told him not to be impulsive.

If Zhou Cheng made a move, it would really be her fault.

Lu Man only said to Lu Qiyuan, "You want her to just keep crying and whining like a shrew? I was originally thinking of giving you money, but now Ive changed my mind."

Lu Qiyuan didnt know whether or not Lu Man was being serious. Worried that she was just fooling him, he said, "Tell me where you and Xia Qingwei are staying at now, then I will stop Xia Qingyang from making a ruckus."

Lu Qiyuan was a fool at that moment too.

Lu Man wouldnt carry so much money around with her either.

Even if he wanted Lu Man to give him the money first, it was impossible.

In that case, hed rather find out where Lu Man and Xia Qingwei were staying so he would never have to worry that he couldnt find Lu Man again.

With Xia Qingwei holding her back, Lu Man didnt want Xia Qingwei to be harassed, and so she would have to give him money.

It looked like Lu Qiyuan too knew that he was harassing Xia Qingwei.

"Shut up!" At that moment, Principal Liu hurriedly rushed over with Han Leilei following behind.

Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue were so shocked that both their mouths turned into the shape of "O." They didnt think that Han Leilei would actually ask Principal Liu to come over.

Just now, when Han Leilei ran back to the school to ask for help, there werent many security officers around and there was only one left guarding the school gate.

Hence, Han Leilei planned to ask a teacher for help, but just as she was heading upstairs, she saw the Dean and Principal Liu coming down together.

At that moment, Han Leilei couldnt even care about what punishment the school would give Lu Man after this incident. After all, with Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang causing a scene at the school gate, the school leaders would find out eventually. There was no need to hide it.

Therefore, Han Leilei hurriedly told them about the incident.

Once Principal Liu heard about it, he immediately ran towards the school gate. He was even more nervous than Han Leilei.

It made Han Leilei stunned in confusion for a moment.

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