The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 833

Chapter 833 You Want To Stay And Continue Embarrassing Yourself?

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When it comes to being difficult and dealing with rascals, even ten Xia Qingyangs wouldnt be his match.

"Go back, you dont have to stay here. Dont worry, they wont cause much trouble here," Principal Liu said.

"Alright, thank you so much," Lu Man said. After waving goodbye to Han Leilei and the rest, she went into the car.

Xiao Chen drove off. Zhou Cheng sat in the front passenger seat while Lu Man sat behind.

Lu Qiyuan saw that Lu Man had already left. Hence, without a word, he dragged Xia Qingyang and went into the car.

Xia Qingyang couldnt understand. "How could we just leave like this? That principal just wronged us, we havent"

"You want to stay and continue to embarrass yourself?" Lu Qiyuan glared at Xia Qingyang unhappily. "Since when did you start behaving like a shrew?! You even shouted and caused such a scene!"

Xia Qingyang shuddered. She didnt know whether it was because she was getting older or something else.

It was getting more and more difficult to hide her true character.

When she was younger, she sure hid it well.

But now, as she got older, she started getting too lazy to pretend.

Her daughter was all grown-up, and Lu Qiyuan was getting old too. She didnt want to pretend and hide her true nature forever, unable to be free. That was too tiring.

She was already at this age. She wanted to just be more free for once.

Moreover, she didnt know why either, but sometimes, even when she really wanted to hide it, she didnt have the energy to do so and, unknowingly, it was exposed.

Xia Qingyang pursed her lips and said, "If I hadnt done that, how could I have threatened Lu Man? Since you cant bring yourself to do it, dont I have to? I did want to be soft and gentle, but nobody gave me such an opportunity!"

Lu Qiyuan was stunned. He didnt expect that Xia Qingyang would say that.

Was she blaming him for being useless?

But in the past, Xia Qingyang always said that he was the man with the most ability!

She praised him every day, treated him as the sky, and endearingly relied and depended on him no matter what.

"Are you blaming me?" Lu Qiyuan asked coldly.

"Im not blaming you." Xia Qingyang looked sad and misunderstood. "Im just doing my best to help you. I know I cant do anything because Im uncultured, but all I care about is you, all I want to do is to help you. As long as I can help you, no matter what I become, no matter how embarrassing I have to be, all of that doesnt matter. But now youre despising me? No matter what I become, its all so that I can help you!"

"In the past, Lu Man was an id" She wanted to say that Lu Man was an id*ot and almost blurted it out. She suddenly recalled how she used to pretend to act and how she used to talk and immediately changed her words. "A good and honest child. She would always listen to what we say. I didnt have to worry about the company too back then, and everything was going smoothly in the family. Of course I would gladly be a little woman who wouldnt care about anything, a woman who was gentle like water."

"But right now, I dont even know why Lu Man had become so bad. Not only does she not care about what happens in the family, but she even caused harm to you and to Qi Qi. Now, she has harmed the company to this state, and Qi Qi doesnt have any shows to film either."

For her to say that Lu Man had made Lu Qi have no shows to act in was understandable.

However, for her to say that Lu Man had caused the dire state that Lu Corporation was in now, that was really unfair to Lu Man.

That had been caused by Han Zhuoli!

Lu Man really didnt do anything.

However, even if Xia Qingyang had said that, Lu Qiyuan also wouldnt think that it was wrong and wouldnt rebut.

Even if they were things that Lu Man had never done before, he could blame it on her too.

Lu Man didnt know about it, but even if she did, she probably wouldnt care about it either. So many tricks had been done on her, one more wouldnt itch.

Xia Qingyang sniffled her nose pitifully. "Now that the family has reached this state, I cant help you when it comes to work and can only worry for you. Im also scared that youd have a bad opinion of me, that youd think that I cant help in any way and despise me. So right now, all that I could do, even if its just a little, I will be willing to do it."

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