The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Not Disturbing

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Lu Qiyuan came back and immediately looked for Lu Qiyuan. This time, Han Zhuoli would probably send him off to somewhere even farther.

Lu Man was guilty. Han Zhuoli was already pretty busy and tired from his work at the Han Corporation.

But he still had to spend the energy to help her deal with Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Man pinched the bridge of her nose. She should start thinking about how to settle the problem of the Lu family and prevent them from harassing them again.

Oh right, this incident today where Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang came to find me, please dont tell my mother about her in case she gets angry again, Lu Man instructed.

Xiao Chen and Zhou Cheng both agreed.

Do you two still have anything on after sending me back? Lu Man asked again.

Nothing. My task today was to protect you, Zhou Cheng said.

I have nothing on too. Mr. Han would need the car only at night after his work, Xiao Chen said.

Since both of you are free after this, why dont you come over to my place for lunch? Lu Man said with a smile. Anyway, its already noon. Both of you were originally planning to eat out too, right?

Ah, would that be convenient? Zhou Chengs eyes were sparkling. He still remembered Lu Mans culinary skills. It was first-rate!

It was a pity that he only had it once. From then on, the lunchboxes that Lu Man had prepared for him and Xu Hui were all snatched away by Han Zhuoli.

However, even just that one time was enough to make it unforgettable and make him yearning for more.

It was honestly too delicious.

Xiao Chen had never tried it before, but he helped Han Zhuoli to snatch it.

He deeply knew the high praise Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had for Lu Mans cooking skills.

Lu Man saw that Zhou Cheng was obviously so happy that he was rubbing his hands. She smiled and said, However, my mom is making lunch today. When we head back, it would already be past 12. Itll be too late for me to cook, so my mom has already prepared the food and is waiting for me.

How would Zhou Cheng and Xiao Chen mind? If its not too troublesome, then we would have to disturb you two.

Its not, Lu Man said, smiling.

When she bought the apartment, it came with a basement carpark.

Xiao Chen parked the car in there. Then, along with Zhou Cheng, he followed Lu Man back home.

As Xia Qingwei often hung out with Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo, Xiao Chen wasnt a stranger to her.

This time, seeing that Zhou Cheng was here too, Xia Qingwei was pleasantly surprised. Xiao Zhou, its been a while since Ive seen you.

Hello, Auntie, how has your health been? Zhou Cheng asked as he smiled.

He followed Xiao Chen into the house. Lu Man passed them indoor slippers for guests.

Im doing very well now, so well that Ive already forgotten that I used to be sick and that my body was weak, Xia Qingwei said, also smiling.

Xiao Chen and Zhou Cheng went to the school to fetch me. They have nothing on after this, so I asked them to come over to our place for lunch, Lu Man explained.

Sure sure sure, then Ill add two more dishes, Xia Qingwei hurriedly said.

Xiao Chen and Zhou Cheng were both healthy men; they would definitely have a huge appetite.

As it was usually only her and Lu Man during lunch, she didnt prepare a lot of dishes.

Auntie, please, you dont have to. Zhou Cheng stopped her. Its already rather impolite for both of us to come here emptyhanded. We are already intruding, please

Oh gosh, look at you two, why are you being so polite! Xia Qingweis face turned stern. Its no trouble at all. Theres some ready-made cooked food at home now, and Ive bought some deli at the market today too. I just need to slice them up, its no trouble at all. If youre so polite with me now when you and Xiao Xu used to always stay at the hospital to protect me, I would have to properly be polite with you too.

Xia Qingwei had already said that, so naturally, Zhou Cheng stopped insisting.

Lu Man led the two of them into the living room to sit. Its really not troublesome at all. You dont have to be so uptight.

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