The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Shady Behind The Scenes Dealings

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"Thats right. Also, I heard that to ensure the fairness of the competition, the judges do not have any power to vote inThe Performer. They will only comment and give feedback after the contestants performances, letting them know whose performance stood out the most, who deserves to be particularly taken note of, or who still had any flaws and areas they need to work on. The voting is completely up to the audience. Everyone has their own voting machine; they would never fake it."

"Thats right. Moreover, the audience also doesnt have to wait until after the end of everyones performances to vote. They can vote whenever they want in the middle of an actors performance. Even before that actor finished their performance, as long as the audience thinks that he acted well, they can vote for him. The number of votes will be shown live on the screen. When the next actor performs, if the audience thinks that he acted better than the previous person, they can continue voting for him. But in actuality, every member of the audience only has one vote. If someone voted twice, they would automatically deduct one vote from the previous actor, and the vote will go to the one who performed later. At the very end, they would look at the results again."

"These rules are pretty good. It could best reduce the possibility of any chances of faking anything. It would be clear to anyone who got how many votes and how many people were supporting them."

"But theres a flaw too. The actors own popularity would be very important. If there are fans of a particular actor in the audience who really liked him, then no matter how his performance was, they would like it irrevocably. Wouldnt that be bad?"

"Wait wait wait, we arent discussing the voting system of the program right now. We are talking about why Xiao Yu chose not to take part inThe Performerafter getting into the top five of the Chinese Arts Championships after so much effort."

"We are all old fans of Xiao Yu. We all know very clearly about Xiao Yus recent schedule and activities. He didnt schedule any activities recently, and his health is fine. Brother Zhang Hai even revealed in the past that Xiao Yu was very confident about entering the top five. And for the sake of participating inThe Performer, even before the results of the Chinese Arts Championships were out, hed especially freed up his schedule. It was obvious that he was very confident that he could get intoThe Performer. He had already prepared everything long before. But why did he choose to give it up right after he was confirmed to joinThe Performer?"

"Thats right, you make sense. Why isnt Xiao Yu joining it?"

"Could it be that something bad happened behind the scenes ofThe Performer? If not, why would Xiao Yu not join it out of the blue?"

"That is very possible! If thats the case, that really matches our Xiao Yus personality of being upright and honest. He could care less about playing along with the production crews behind-the-scene workings and decided not to join it."

"Anyway, there must be some problem. If there was no problem with that program, then why didnt Xiao Yu join it? Xiao Yu had always been looking forward to this opportunity."

"Xiao Yu is really too upright and honest!"

"Xiao Yu, when would you come out and chat with us?! What exactly is going on?"

Li Zeyu saw that his little fans could actually guess right amidst their blind speculations and started feeling a little anxious.

Even though he didnt joinThe Performer, he didnt want to completely cut off all ties with the production team.

Especially since Xing Ke Station was one of the top television stations in the country. As long as it was a television show or a variety show on Xing Ke Station, it would definitely be insanely popular.

How impressive were they?

Even if it was some brainless, disgusting show, Xing Ke Station could even make it blow up.

Let alone the actors in it.

As long as you appeared on a Xing Ke Station show, that meant that you have a huge chance of gaining exposure.

Even if you couldnt become super popular, at the very least, you could let the audience remember your name and not forget about you.

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