The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Hitting Back

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Team Leader Wu hesitated and said, "Director Ge, Lu Man was a talent who was one of the top public relations officers before this. Im scared that this situation will be hard to deal with. And before this, there were a few people whod made trouble for her. There were not only small characters like Bai Shuangshuang and Yu Xingzhou but also big characters like Zhang Lun and Bourbotte. There was even the showGreat Desertthat got attacked. Lu Man, she"

Really never lost before.

But the more Team Leader Wu spoke, the worse Ge Guangzhens facial expression became.

And so, in the end, he could not continue saying anything.

Xu Yaojie was very scared that he would be kicked out of the production group by Ge Guangzhen because of his mistake.

Ge Guangzhens variety shows were always popular, and a lot of people wanted to squeeze into his shows.

And so, Xu Yaojie hurriedly said, "Thats right! Just because she hasnt lost before doesnt mean that she wont lose. Before this, she had always been scheming, but others had been careless. But this time, she is being schemed against by us. We wont give her time to prepare to respond to it. I dont believe she has the ability to deal with that!"

"Thats right," Ge Guangzhen told Team Leader Wu. "Youve been working with our station for so long. Youve seen and gone through so much big ups and downs. Our station has done so many promotional activities, publicity plans, and trending topics, and you are the one who planned them. As the head of our publicity department, are you really scared of Lu Man, this little girl?"

What else could Team Leader Wu say?

Ge Guangzhen, in terms of planning shows, was very talented, but he was considered a layman in the public relations sector. He did not know which part of Lu Man was scary.

Seeing Lu Mans series of successes before, Team Leader Wu had known that if it were him, he could not have achieved the kind of results she had been collecting.

If it were him, there would have been totally different end results, and they would not have been good ones.

But how could Team Leader Wu explain that to Ge Guangzhen?

He could only thicken his skull and go do it.

Xu Yaojie hurriedly took the chance to say, "Director Ge, please let me use my abilities to make up for my mistakes. That day at the signing of the contract, I was at the location itself and I know the situation best, so let me step out to accuse Lu Man. It will be more convincing. Im willing to take the lead here!"

Ge Guangzhen looked towards Team Leader Wu. "What do you think?"

After all, it was Team Leader Wu who was doing the plan. He needed to ask for Team Leader Wus opinion.

Since he needed to splash dirty water on Lu Man, hes not scared of Xu Yaojie hiding the truth or not speaking the truth.

Seeing Xu Yaojie being so hateful towards Lu Man until he was gritting his teeth, he knew he was definitely going to speak bad things about Lu Man.

Anyway, they were going to try to ruin Lu Man, so it did not matter.

Thus, Team Leader Wu nodded. "Alright."

"Alright, then, the two of you can go and discuss it." Ge Guangzhen told Xu Yaojie, "Listen to Team Leader Wus arrangements for everything."

Xu Yaojies attitude was especially good. "Definitely."


Lu Mans classes had already ended for the day, and she was spending time with Xia Qingwei now.

Xia Qingwei had just finished giving lessons to the children, and at that moment, she had just reached home and was planning for the lesson tomorrow.

Lu Man crossed her legs on the sofa. Placing her laptop on her kneecaps and using her earphones, she watched a movie.

She listed the movies that had won awards in the past years from China and other countries, and based on the topic and the type, she separated them into groups, then went to investigate them one by one.

Just as she was watching, her cell phone rang.

Lu Man picked up the phone, then heard Hu Zhonghuis hurried voice. "Lu Man, quickly, look at Weibo.The Performers production group is too shameless. Because you arent participating in their show, they are slandering you, saying that you were arrogant and gave unreasonable requests to the production group. They are too much! Its their show that is faking results, and you arent willing to participate!"

"You did not stand up to expose them, and they actually played the blame game. How shameless!"

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