The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Lu Man Is Zhang Luns Niece

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Not wanting to pass up any chance to attack Lu Man, some people jumped out when they saw the situation. Lu Man is not anything good. She must have fallen out with the production group because of something. Otherwise, why would the production group ignore her?

Haha, Lu Man, properly reflect. If one person says something bad about you, it could be the other partys problem. But so many people dont like you; it can only be your own problem.

So what if you got first in the Chinese Arts Championships? The production group is ignoring you. Who knows if its that you dont want to participate in the show or if the show is refusing to allow you in?

At that moment, Zhang Lun sent out a Weibo: People who are unable to be humble can never be a passable actor. While other people are improving, she is deproving.

When the people who were watching the drama saw that, they all exploded.

Pft! It cant be, right?! That grudge about fighting for the box office, Zhang Lun remembers it until now?

Zhang Lun is a big director. By always thinking about Lu Man, this small actor, isnt Zhang Lun just trying to make Lu Man even more well-known?

Every time Lu Man has something on, Zhang Lun will definitely appear. If it is not for the fact that Zhang Lun is old, I would say that this is a case of loving each other while attacking each other!

Is Zhang Lun changing sides and trying to increase Lu Mans popularity? Could this be a new method of trying to make her well-known? Could it be that Zhang Lun had already told Lu Man he was going to do this? Is Zhang Lun working together with Lu Man?

The above poster, your imagination is too good, but what you said actually has logic. With Lu Mans unique way of doing publicity, this is really possible.

Fuck, could it be that since they started to fight for the box office in the movie, Lu Man had already started her large scheme? What kind of relationship does Zhang Lun and Lu Man have, with him helping Lu Man so much?

Director Zhang Lun, you are a famous director with a good reputation within the country. Cant you give off the aura of a famous director? Dont appear as soon as Lu Man has a problem. You always appear when theres something wrong, even her true fans are not as enthusiastic as you are.

After you all said that, I really feel like Zhang Lun is doing it for Lu Mans good, using all his effort to help make Lu Man popular.

So it turns out that Director Zhang Lun is not petty but is really sacrificing his own reputation for Lu Man, right?

Could it be that Lu Man is a junior from Zhang Luns house? Otherwise, why would he try to support her with all his heart?

He did not know who started it, but suddenly, the whole comments section became tilted.

Originally, they had been discussing Zhang Lun being so vengeful. In the end, it became like that, with people strangely guessing that there was a familial relationship between Zhang Lun and Lu Man.

Zhang Lun looked at the comments online, so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Who the f*ck would be related to Lu Man, that horrible girl?!

Who the f*ck was supporting Lu Man?!

Who the f*ck was in the same team as Lu Man?!

Who the f*ck was trying to increase Lu Mans popularity even by sacrificing himself?!

And in the end, when Zhang Lun saw it, the f*ck, Lu Man really was on trending.

And the popular trending topic was: Lu Man is Zhang Luns niece.

Zhang Lun:

Who the f*ck is his niece?!

The netizens imaginations are way too great, alright?

Really unreasonable!

What was this?!

But because of his one Weibo post, the netizens attention was moved to something else.

They were no longer guessing what kinds of problem Lu Man had withThe Performer, and even those anti-fans were ignored by the netizens.

Those anti-fans were randomly jumping around at the side, but they were not able to get even a bit of attention from the netizens.

The anti-fans were all extremely angry.

Why is Zhang Lun appearing?!

It looks like Zhang Lun and Lu Man are really related. Otherwise, why would he put all his effort into helping Lu Man change the topic?

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