The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Hating So Much It Became True Love

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Zhang Lun: ""

The f*ck, arent you guys the ones who are crazy and randomly coming up with connections between me and Lu Man?

And now you are telling me not to delete my Weibo post?

Zhang Lun posted on Weibo right after that, "Im seriously saying now, I have no connection with Lu Man and have no familial relationships with her. Im also not working together with her to do any publicity. Im not familiar with her!"

There was a netizen who teased him, "Who said you arent familiar with her? At that time, the two of you were fighting for the box office so intensely. How could you say that you arent familiar with her?"

"Director Zhang is being too petty. An old man holding on to a little girl and refusing to let her go every day, are you embarrassed or not? This is your attitude as a big director? Even if you arent a big director and you are an ordinary person, theres no need to keep troubling a little girl!"

"I just found out today that Zhang Lun is so petty."

Zhang Lun was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

Could it be that not deleting was wrong, but deleting was also wrong?!

"Zhang Lun is really too funny hahahahahaha!"

"Hes already so busy using the phone, one moment posting on Weibo, one moment deleting his Weibo post."

Zhang Lun was so angry, he did not feel well.

Actually, there was someone else who was even angrier than Zhang Lun.

In his office, Han Zhuoli was watching as Lu Man went trending, and the guesses of the netizens made him extremely troubled.

Even though he was the one who was helping Lu Man all along, why did all the credit go to Zhang Lun?

Han Zhuoli instantly contacted the Public Relations Department and had them contact Weibo hurriedly to get rid of that trending topic!

Then there was another netizen who said, "Aiya, Lu Man and Zhang Luns trending topic was removed."

"This must have been done by Zhang Lun, right?! Hes really done his best already."

"It looks like he really especially tried to bring popularity to Lu Man. Otherwise, the trending topic would not be gone."

"Thats right."

"If he did not purposely bring Lu Man popularity, that Director Zhang Lun is really too cute. Every time Lu Man has a problem, he comes out to help draw attention to her. Although his original reason was to step on Lu Man, the truth was that in the end, it made Lu Man more and more famous. Cute! Too cute!"

"Hahahahahaha, so Zhang Lun hurriedly went to get rid of the topic on trending! I wonder how much he spent to do that."

"This is a case of hating so much it became true love!"

"Hahahahaha, why do I find this so amusing? Zhang Lun kept using all his ability and power to try to ruin Lu Man, but it never follows his wishes, and in the end, it always becomes a help to Lu Man. My heart aches for Zhang Lun for a bit."

"Do you want to bet, if there are new news about Lu Man, would Zhang Lun post on Weibo? And after he posts it, would he delete it as well?"

"The above poster, theres no need to bet, Zhang Lun had posted on Weibo again."

When the people who were watching the drama saw it, they all exploded.

Zhang Lun: "I dont have any relation with Lu Man."



"Director Zhang, you are too cute, Im about to become your fan now."

"The netizens are too mischievous! Everyone, look at what you forced Director Zhang to become like!"

When Zhang Luns public relations team saw it, they all felt troubled.

Leader Wang hurriedly contacted Zhang Lun. "Director Zhang, please stop posting on Weibo already."

Zhang Lun was also troubled. "I originally did not want to post anything else, but I saw that the netizens were really going too far. How could I let Lu Man gain any benefits from me? Of course I cant!"

Leader Wangs face was twisted up. "Please dont post anything more. Those netizens just have nothing better to do and are randomly trying to make trouble."

Based on what he saw as an outsider, those netizens were not speaking truthfully and were, instead, bullsh*tting because they did not need to take responsibility and were teasing Zhang Lun.

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