The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 849

Chapter 849 The Performers Slander

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Those closely involved cannot see things clearly. Zhang Lun was easily affected by these kinds of words and would be led in circles.

Upon hearing Leader Wangs convincing words, Zhang Lun felt a bit of regret. Then should I delete that Weibo post?

Dont, definitely dont, Leader Wang hurriedly said to stop him. Just leave it there, dont worry about it. Whatever the netizens say, just pretend that you dont see it. This situation was originally because of the problem betweenThe Performerand Lu Man.

Leader Wang felt his heart ache when he talked about it. What was Zhang Lun taking part in this for?!

Wasnt this just increasing the attention forThe Performerand Lu Man?

This was practically a good person doing good things for others!

The Performerand Lu Man did not give him even a bit of money, yet they had a top-level director in the country helping to bring them popularity.

To such a sacrificial attitude, Leader Wang did not know what he should say.

After a while, the netizens will manage to react and go back to take notice ofThe Performerand Lu Mans situation. At that time, they will forget about this. After a few days, that Weibo post, whether you delete it or keep it, wouldnt matter. There will be no one caring about it anymore, Leader Wang said. But if there is any situation concerning Lu Man later on, you definitely cant be so reckless. Dont rush in front.

Lu Man was so sly! She really knows how to use the situation. Whether its something beneficial or not beneficial to her, in the end, it would become beneficial. Think about that time whenFighting Herowas airing, and think about that time when BourbottesAttack Forcewas airingyou both were on the advantageous side both times, right? Lu Man was always on the weaker side. But what happened in the end? Its always Lu Man who won.

Leader Wang laughed bitterly twice. Director Zhang, Im not scared of you finding us a joke, but at that time, when our whole team was against her one person, we did not manage to win either. I admit defeat concerning that. We were really not her match Before that, I had yet to be scared of anyone. You seeking me out to build a public relations team, that had confirmed my ability.

Zhang Lun did not speak.

Leader Wang was indeed a talent for this kind of thing, and he was even considered one of the top talents in the industry. Otherwise, he would not have sought out Leader Wang.

But Leader Wang was not Lu Mans match.

Ill tell you now, even if it were Lin Yi going against me, I would not be scared. But Lu ManIm not saying that shes very great, but its hard to comprehend her schemes. Theyre hard to predict and totally destroy all the schemes we can think of. When we normally deal with public relations problems, it includes predicting how the other party would react, so we can make use of it even more and react at the correct moment. But towards Lu Man, these were all useless. It resulted in not a single one of us being able to win over Lu Man despite how many people we have now, Leader Wang told Zhang Lun.

So, in the future, if there is anything concerning her, Im not asking you to hide from her, but lets take a look first before we decide whether we want to appear and do anything. Otherwise, we will be made use of by her instead, and that would not be good, Leader Wang said.

Dont let it be like the present situation, with him being a scapegoat for Lu Man.

Zhang Lun had finally understood and did not try to continue making trouble anymore.

When the netizens saw that a lot of time had passed and Zhang Lun did not show any reaction, they felt that the matter was no longer interesting and so they returned to observe the situation betweenThe Performerand Lu Man.

When the popularity of this situation started to increase, more and more people started to take notice.

There was a netizen who published some screenshots of a conversation.

Screenshots of a conversation that an assistant director inThe Performerhad with his friends. The reason Lu Man is not joining can be found here.

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