The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Lu Man Treats Herself Like A Big Shot

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The screenshot was a long one, and it had to be opened for the contents to be seen.

Friend: "Why did Li Zeyu and Lu Man not joinThe Performer? The two of them were the first and third in the Chinese Arts Championships, their results were very good. They will not participate, and its only the second place, the fourth place, and the fifth place who are participating. This doesnt seem very nice."

Assistant Director: "Hai! Dont speak of it. Im on fire when I mention it. Li Zeyu did not want to present unsatisfactory acting skills to the audience because of his physical condition, and he was unsatisfied with his acting skills, so he discussed with us that the program could not be done. We can all understand that, and this is him being responsible to the audience, to himself, and to our program group. Li Zeyu, a young child, can have this kind of ideological awareness. He is so strict with himself and has a sense of responsibility for performance. It is gratifying and admirable. Our production group must also support him. Both sides understand each other and agree with each other with great pleasure. And we have already told Li Zeyu that if there are any more programs in the future, we will definitely find him."

Friend: "I thought that Li Zeyu and Lu Man had discussed together and exited together. It seems like its not like that?"

Assistant Director: "Of course not! We and Li Zeyu have a mutual understanding. But its not the same with Lu Man. Lu Man is just coincidental. It just so happened that Li Zeyu withdrew at the same time."

Friend: "Whats with Lu Man? I saw the video of her in the Chinese Arts Championships, her acting skills are not bad."

Assistant Director: "Ill tell you something, but you cant spread this."

Friend: "Where will I spread this to? Quickly, tell me the gossip."

Assistant Director: "Lu Man treats herself like a big-shot, haha."

Friend: "Her? A big-shot? The most she can be considered right now is a C-lister. She cant even be considered a B-lister. Right now, a lot of starlets are more famous than her. Even Jiang Yuhan, who always succeeds in drawing viewerships, no matter how high her fame or reputation, the money she earns per show is still stuck at the B-list level."

Assistant Director: "Exactly! Lu Man felt that since she had already filmed two movies, and theyre both movies that have top box office sales, she is very great. Adding on the fact that she got first for the Chinese Arts Championships and had made three of the judges leave, she has become too arrogant. When she was talking about her fees for filming, she was really asking for too much, asking too high a price."

Assistant Director: "To tell you the truth, though were working together with the Chinese Arts Championships by bringing the first five into our show, the five students do not get paid. Letting them participate in the show is, in itself, something good for them. Otherwise, right now, they really cant enter the show. The other students, including Li Zeyu, know about this and have no opinion on that. Yet Lu Man wanted two million yuan for the first episode. If she loses, then we just give her two million once, but if she manages to advance, itll be lowered to one million yuan per show."

Friend: "F*ck, even Jiang Yuhan wont dare to ask for that, right?"

Assistant Director: "Honestly speaking, our show really invited Jiang Yuhan, and we are still discussing. The price that Jiang Yuhan asked for is not as high as that amount and we can accept it. Its a normal and acceptable price for her."

Friend: "That Lu Man is a bit too much. Shes too arrogant."

Assistant Director: "Her pricing is secondary. She even asked us to promise that shell win the competition. Haha, dont you think that shes so funny? Who does she think she is? Daring to directly control our show? Our show rejects faking results, and of course, we cant agree to her. So the talks fell through. Haha, I feel like she made trouble for the judges in the Chinese Arts Championships til she got first. Dont even know who she thinks she is, thinking that she can get first like that everywhere."

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