The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Lu Man Is Too Much

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When the netizens saw the screenshots, they were a bit muddled.

Could it be that it is Lu Mans problem?

Whos the assistant director in the screenshot, can someone check it?

Is Lu Man really that over-the-top?

I feel that it doesnt seem like a lie. Didnt you see in the screenshot that that assistant director was praising Li Zeyu so much? And look at the timings of the chat, it was before Li Zeyu made his statement. That means that he knew the reason Li Zeyu pulled out before then. It could really be the people fromThe Performer. It might not be the assistant director, but its definitely someone who knows the insider information.

It looks like Li Zeyu and Lu Man are really not on the same team. The reasons Li Zeyu and Lu Man are not participating are different.

I feel that Lu Man is a bit too much already.

After filmingRed Tiger, Lu Man became proud. I mean, she has a good relationship with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, so during the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships, the two directors personally went to the event location to cheer her on. Ji Cheng even brought his family to go there together. And the 8.9 billion ticketing sales ofRed Tigeris also out there. But being arrogant and losing sight of herself because of that is quite hateful.

Im not a fan nor an anti-fan, Im just a passerby. But I want to say, even since Lu Man forced the judges of the Chinese Arts Championships off stage, I always felt that she is very arrogant. Perhaps because shes had so many fights with people yet had never lost, she became so arrogant. Whenever something doesnt go her way, she directly attacks. Because the judges gave her low marks, she felt it was unfair and that she should get high marks. But I want to ask, what right do you have to feel that you should have high marks? Not satisfied because you lost, so you must win?

More and more people came out to speak badly of Lu Man.

They did not know how many were just accounts paid to do it and how many were the fans of people like Zhang Lun, Ni Xue, Zhang Xiaoying, and the other people who lost against Lu Man.

Anyway, when Lu Man was doing well, there was no one from their side appearing.

But when something bad happened to Lu Man, they all jumped out and started to attack.

It was rare that they were on the same side and ganging up without saying anything beforehand.

They even directly went to Lu Mans Weibo and started to berate her.

Lu Mans fans, of course, would not just sit there and do nothing. They directly told the netizen who said that he was not a fan or an anti-fan, Your words are too funny. At that time, when the three judges were directly changed by the Han Corporations CEO, Han Zhuoli, it was explained online that they were giving unfair marks. Lu Man did not express that she needed to win from the start to the end. This is a competition. Of course everyone wants to win, but Lu Man did not say that she could not lose. When the judges gave her low marks, she did not say anything. It was the other judges and Han Zhuoli who could not stand it.

Dont waste time talking to him. What not an anti-fan but not a fan? Hes just an anti-fan. At that time, when the judges were being changed, why didnt he come out to say that Lu Man could not lose? Now that he saw the chats screenshot, he started to act like someone who understands. What kind of logic is that?

Lu Man was watching the situation when her phone rang.

It was a foreign phone number.

Lu Man frowned slightly. Could it be a reporter?

Her fame right now was not high enough. Even though this situation was very high profile, no reporter had called her to ask about it.

It was because her influence was not enough. There was no reporter who would think of that situation and interview her to ask her what was going on on her side.

So, Lu Man did not think that a reporter would be seeking her out at all.

She picked up the call. Hello.

Lu Man, its me, Li Zeyu.

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