The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Why Is Lu Man Pretending To Be Aloof?

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She also did not want to find trouble for no reason. If she could solve it peacefully, wasnt she crazy if she started to attack people?

Even though she did not agree with the wayThe Performertreated entertainment as the most important thing, other shows also did that, not justThe Performer. For the sake of monetary earnings, employing tricks was their own choice.

She did not want to take part in that, but she would not stop them from doing it either.

Dean He looked at Lu Mans words and felt very shocked.

Thinking about Lu Mans previous outstanding battle results, he quietly lit a row of candles for the production team ofThePerformer1.

Obviously, one candle was not enough.

"Alright, but Ill just say it again: if you have anything you need help for, feel free to ask. Youve also said it, youre a student of the National Film Academy. It is not only that you are protecting the National Film Academys reputation, the National Film Academy will also protect the students of our school," Dean He said.

Although it was only a few simple sentences, when Lu Man looked at the words that seemed cold on screen, she felt a warmth rising in her heart.

"Alright," Lu Man slowly typed. "Thank you."

Towards people whod offended her, she would not hold back at all, so those people often said that she was hard to deal with and that she was scheming, along with a lot of bad things about her.

But when people were a bit nice to her, she would remember and would be very touched. She would repay them with all her heart.

Upon closing the conversation window with Dean He, Lu Man pressed on the contact info that Dean He sent out but did not add Xu Yaojie as a friend. She then entered Xu Yaojies main WeChat page.

If he was not added, Xu Yaojies settings were to not let strangers see his posting.

But from the profile picture, she could see that it was Xu Yaojie.

Lu Man then chatted with Dean He again and asked him to help screenshot some posts from Xu Yaojie.

Xu Yaojie was leading the way to attack Lu Man. He was even late for the signing of the contract by 40 minutes, not placing any care on the leaders of the school and the students who managed to qualify for the competition.

His words, his attitude, they were all very arrogant, looking down on everyone.

Dean He remembered that offense of Xu Yaojie very well.

And so, when Lu Man made that request, Dean He did not feel pressured or hesitant at all as he went to screenshot Xu Yaojies page. He even screenshotted a few pages and sent them all to Lu Man.

When Lu Man looked, in her heart, she thought, Xu Yaojie had actually not set his posts to only being able to be viewed for three days.

His page had so many holes that it was like a sieve.

Lu Man switched to a small account on Weibo.

Hu Zhonghuis eyes were wide as she looked at Lu Man, who was behaving like someone with a dual personality and was acting like someone who knew the situation online.

Baby Who Doesnt Return Home: "I found the assistant director in the WeChat conversation. Its the Assistant Director Xu Yaojie inThe Performer."

Following that, there was a screenshot of Xu Yaojies posts.

The profile picture was the same as the one in the WeChat conversation screenshots.

And there was even a post that happened to be of Xu Yaojie scolding Lu Man.

"Haha, therere people who are going to be in trouble. Pretending to be aloof? You dont want to listen when we are talking to you properly, then just wait and see."

Although he did not point out the name and surname, looking at the time he posted, it appeared to be the same time as the things that had happened today.

The netizens saw it.

"What is going on? Im a bit confused. Based on what Xu Yaojie said, why does it seem like it is to take revenge on Lu Man?"

"I feel the same way too. It seemed like because of something, they did not work together with Lu Man, so the production group wants to take revenge on her."

"What is the meaning of saying Lu Man is pretending to be aloof? Could it be that shes doing the casting couch?"

"That might not be true. The casting couch is only one possibility, there are a lot of other possibilities. Anyway, there was some kind of problem, and Lu Man did not agree. Because of that, they did not manage to come to a proper agreement with the production crew, so they did not sign the contract. Right now, Im leaning towards that possibility and not the kind that the production groups official Weibo said just now."

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