The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 856

Chapter 856 856 Slapping Face Seeing Lu Man Slapping Face Again

856 Slapping Face, Seeing Lu Man Slapping Face Again

“The celebrities are the ones who seek us out.”

“If you all want to enter the show, you need to follow the arrangements of the production group.”

The words Xu Yaojie said were shocking to a lot of netizens.

So this show was actually like that.

Hearing Xu Yaojie’s tone, which was arrogant and uncaring of Lu Man and the others, one could say he was looking down on them totally.

It was practically reaching the limits of arrogance!

After that, Lu Man’s voice was heard. “But I can’t accept an unfair competition. If my acting skills are not as good as others’, I’ll willingly lose. But if I’m following your rules, and you all decide who wins and loses, there’s no need to compete at all. Even if you are promising that I’ll win, I won’t participate. This is making a mockery of performance. I withdraw.”

“If you want to participate in this show, you can participate, and if you don’t want to participate, no one is begging you to. Don’t think that you are that great just because you’ve acted in two movies. After a while, no one would recognize you.”

The people who heard the recording were all quiet for a long while.

“I did not think that the show that I’ve been anticipating for so long is actually like that. They had yet to start recording and they already have the results of the competition. And everything about the process is all acted out. What kind of meaning is there in watching this show? We won’t even be able to tell if the performance of the people who wins and loses the competition is their real ability.”

“So it was not that Lu Man requested to the production crew that they must definitely let her win, and Lu Man did not even talk about getting paid, those were all things that the show made up. On the other hand, it is the production group that internally decided who’ll win or lose while pretending it will be a fair competition.”

“Then what meaning is there in watching the show? When I’m watching it, in my heart, I’d know that they are acting, and upon seeing the results of the competition, I’d know, oh, this is their internally-decided winner. Then the person who lost, is it that they did not put in their best efforts? The audience votes, will those also be fake?”

“Haha, there are so many celebrities and big-shots participating in the show just to trick the audience? How interesting.”

“This show is really quite disgusting. Even though they are faking it, they still tried to accuse Lu Man and tried to play the blame game.”

“What a pity, the one they met was the Goddess of Fury Man. Our Goddess of Fury Man does not get into a fight unprepared!”

“I’m really very convinced by Lu Man. I’m not her fan, I’m just as passerby, and I don’t have much feelings towards her. But in this case, Lu Man did very well. There’s a sentence that she said very well: If my acting skills are not as good as others, I’ll willingly lose. But if you try to fake the results, sorry, I’m not going to participate in it. I don’t care if I’ll lose. I care about how I win or how I lose.”

“Lu Man is really very direct. If there’s something wrong, she would attack them. This kind of personality, some people like it, but some people don’t and even feel that she is trying to get everyone to like her. But on the topic of performing, Lu Man has always been serious. Morals and trustworthiness, I feel like these are what many people are lacking nowadays. Just because of that, I need to like her post.”

“I haven’t seen Lu Man slap people’s face in a very long time, and I forgot how 6 her abilities are. Lu Man’s brain is really quite good. Like the situation at that time, who would think of using a phone to record the conversation with Xu Yaojie? Could it be that Lu Man thought that there would come a day like this? What kind of far-seeing person is this? Too great!”

“Slapping face, seeing Lu Man slapping face again, I actually feel that it’s very close to my heart.”

“It’s been quiet for too long, you all have probably forgotten the fear of being attacked by Lu Man, right?! No worries! Lu Man will let you remember it all today!”


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