The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 857

Chapter 857 857 Why Did They Provoke Lu Man For No Reason

857 Why Did They Provoke Lu Man For No Reason

“@Zhang Lun, @Zhang Xiaoying, @Bai Shuangshuang, @Yu Xingzhou, @Bourbotte, congratulations to you all, there is a newcomer here to join you!”

“Replying to the above poster, I feel that Lu Man did not manage to predict that the other party would be so disgusting and would even try to play the blame game. It was just that there is no harm in being prepared. After all, the waters of the entertainment industry are too deep. Who’s to know when there would be problems? Thinking about the situations Lu Man has been through since she’s debuted, I recall there had been a lot of times when people attempted to ruin her, and it seemed like she had been fraught with attackers all the way. So she knew the rules in here very well. Preparing beforehand, it’s not strange.”

“Wait, wait, did you guys not realize that there is a lot of information within Xu Yaojie’s words in the recording?” a netizen pointed out. “There’s not only the problem of The Performer’s competition results being faked, but there is even the 500 million yuan the Wei Feng Corporation is paying to be mentioned in the show! It is really a crazy high price. It can be seen that the Wei Feng Corporation is looking upon this show very well.”

“Yes. Before this thing came out, we were all looking upon the show well! The grandness of the celebrities is so good, the show concept is interesting, I kept waiting for it to be aired. But after what happened today, it might not be as anticipated.”

“Ha ha, this production crew is really seeking death. Why did they provoke Lu Man for no reason?”

“This is all because our Goddess of Fury Man has been in reclusion lately and has not appeared in the Jianghu, so the Jianghu has forgotten her legend.”

There were people who even tagged the production group, “@The Performer Official Weibo, @Xu Yaojie, why did you guys provoke Lu Man for no reason? Are you happy now? Are you satisfied now?”

“How does it feel to offend Lu Man? You guys can ask @Bai Shuangshuang, @Yu Xingzhou, @Zhang Lun, @Bourbotte.”

“My heart aches for Bourbotte. He’s already returned to America, but our netizens still refuse to let him go. He must be sneezing a lot at a shore that is separated from our country by the big ocean.”

“Bourbotte’s Weibo was created for promotion when Attack Force was airing in the country. He himself has not used it much. Now that it’s been a long time since he’s gone back, his Weibo is not being used at all, but there are netizens who still go and tease him once in a while, as if they’re beating a corpse.”

“Although Lu Man has stopped and not shown her face in Jianghu for a while, her influence is still there.”

“The Performer crew! Xu Yaojie! What do you want me to say? What should I say?! Insisting on provoking Lu Manis it that you are very happy being mischievous for a bit?”

Lu Man’s fans had already mostly taken over The Performer’s official Weibo as well as Xu Yaojie’s Weibo.

The comments were either from bystanders who were watching the drama or from Lu Man’s fans.

There were no longer words anticipating The Performer’s airing.

“Then Li Zeyu declining to participate in the show suddenly, it might really be the same reason as Lu Man’s and not because his body is too tired or his acting skills are not good enough. Those were all excuses, he did not want to offend the production group.”

“Actually, that’s understandable. After all, Xing Ke Station is a big station, there is no benefit in offending them. Not everyone can attack outright like Lu Man. At least Li Zeyu did not participate in the show despite knowing clearly about these sorts of internal schemes. He has his own things he perseveres on, his own morals, but he also has his slick way of dealing with things. It’s not bad.”

Although Li Zeyu lied, he did not work together with The Performer for this trickery. Knowing about the internal workings of the show and declining to participate from the start, just that point made the netizens feel quite good about him.

As to lying, he did not say any big lie, he just took the blame himself, using the excuses that his body was not well and that his acting skills were not good enough. He had a kind of slick way of dealing with things, and his slight flaws could not obstruct his overall virtues.


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