The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 864

Chapter 864 864 Lu Man Calls The Shots

864 Lu Man Calls the Shots

The situation had been controlled by The Performer’s crew.

In the end, Lu Man threw out a recording and snatched over the control.

“You can go and do your work, don’t bother yourself because of this,” Lu Man said.

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli took another look. There was really no need to do anything more, and so he said, “I’ll go over earlier in the afternoon.”

Lu Man did not oppose it.

She had just hung up the phone call with Han Zhuoli when she heard Hu Zhonghui call, “He apologized! Xu Yaojie really apologized!”

Hu Zhonghui excitedly waved her phone at Lu Man.

Lu Man had already guessed it from the start and was very calm.

Taking out her phone to take a look, she saw that Xu Yaojie had posted, “The words that I said in the recording are all my personal words and have nothing to do with the show, The Performer. The words concerning an internally-chosen winner that had been decided on a long time ago, those were my own thoughts and guesses. At that time, I felt that Lu Man and the others were only students and felt that they did not know anything, so I randomly said those things to trick them. Our production group has been preparing for this show for five months, and our head director personally went to invite each teacher to participate in the show.”

“Everyone has already seen the voting system of the show. The crew is working together to make sure that the competition is as fair as possible. There are no internally-chosen winners or losers in the show. Because of my words, I have caused harm to The Performer’s reputation and caused a huge disturbance to our production crew. At the same time, I have caused harm to the reputation of the guests participating in the show. I’m very apologetic.”

“Towards what Dean He said regarding my rude actions on the day of the contract signing, I’m very sorry. To the five students, Lu Man, Li Zeyu, Ni Xue, Yang Ruitian, and Chang Yachen, my attitude had been arrogant back then and I was very unfriendly. I’m very sorry. Everything was my personal actions. It has nothing to do with The Performer, and it has nothing to do with the production group.”

“These mistakes, I’ll correct them, and I won’t ever do anything of the kind again. Whether it’s me or our show, we invite everyone to supervise us.”

After Lu Man finished reading, she heard Hu Zhonghui ask, “How did you know he would apologize?”

“It’s very simple: that’s all they can do. The question had been whether The Performer would take the blame or whether Xu Yaojie alone would be the scapegoat. This multiple choice question was very easy to answer. Of course they were going to have Xu Yaojie be the scapegoat,” Lu Man explained while smiling.

“I feel that his apology also has no sincerity. He just moved his fingers to write sorry. Actually, it was to help The Performer get out of this situation.” Hu Zhonghui pursed her lips. “I don’t believe it is like what he said. It was totally not his own idea, and he was not talking randomly.”

“I don’t believe it either.” Lu Man smiled. “Continue watching out. It’s not over yet. Even if he came out to explain, the show is being suspected by people already. It’s not that easy to believe him. Even when the show has finished recording and is being aired, the audience would not be able to help but suspect whether it is through secret schemes or real abilities that people won. Even the celebrities participating in the show will be in trouble because of them.”

“Thankfully, you rejected this show at that time,” Hu Zhonghui exclaimed.

Thankfully, between the two of them, it had always been Lu Man who called the shots.

Although she had the title of manager, the one who called the shots was actually Lu Man. Hu Zhonghui was in charge only of those minor things that were left over.

Ni Xue’s manager, Wang Lijun, had even tried to convince Lu Man about her. At that time, she had understood Wang Lijun’s meaning, but she pretended not to.

Now that she looked at it, her choices were too great.

Since she was not smart enough, she should listen to smart people more!


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