The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 869

Chapter 869 869 Its Not April Fools Today

869 It"s Not April Fools" Today

Mrs. Ge was so shocked, she felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

She was disturbed in the middle of her sleep, and Mrs. Ge was so angry that she forcefully kicked Ge Guangzhen.

Ge Guangzhen was also awakened. While he was getting kicked by Mrs. Ge, he was touching around the head of the bed for his phone.

The light on the screen was so piercing for his eyes that he could not even open it.

“Quickly, pick it up or hang up!” Mrs. Ge scolded. “Who is that? Such a crazy person, calling this late at night!”

Because of that, Ge Guangzhen no longer cared to look at who was calling. In a daze, he picked up the phone. “Hello?”

His voice did not sound very awake either.

“Director Ge, I’m Wei Feng’s Lian Zhongxiang!” the General Manager of Wei Feng, Lian Zhongxiang, said.

He was so sleepy he could not even open his eyes right now, but what could he do?

The CEO had instructed that he needed to wait until the middle of the night to call Ge Guangzhen. He had no choice but to refrain from sleeping and to force himself to stay up until this hour.

Didn’t they say that their CEO was a crazy person?!

He did not know how Ge Guangzhen had offended him. How big of a hatred did he have that, just to withdraw his sponsorship, he needed to especially wait until the middle of the night to contact Ge Guangzhen?

This would make Ge Guangzhen feel so troubled he would not be able to sleep at night.

Too cruel.

“Manager Lian?” Ge Guangzhen woke up instantly and hurriedly sat up.

Mrs. Ge said, irritated, “If you are going to talk on the phone, get out and speak there!”

Ge Guangzhen hurriedly took up his phone and got out of the bedroom. He did not walk far to take a seat on the living room sofa.

Just now, he was in a daze and could not identify if it was Lian Zhongxiang’s voice or not.

“It’s me,” Lian Zhongxiang said again.

At this time, Ge Guangzhen was finally totally awake and also heard clearly that it was indeed Lian Zhongxiang’s voice.

Ge Guangzhen rubbed his eyes while taking his phone down from next to his ear to look at the screen.

The screen also showed Lian Zhongxiang’s name.

But what was going on for him to call at this time?!

How important was it that he had to call in the middle of the night?!

“President Lian, for you to call at this time, did something happen?” Ge Guangzhen could only ask.

“It’s like this: our CEO Wei has decided to withdraw his investment from The Performer,” Lian Zhongxiang said.

“What?!” Ge Guangzhen was totally awake now, being shocked by this news so much that he was shaking. He jumped up from the sofa. “President Lian, what did you say?”

“I said, our CEO Wei has decided to withdraw his main investment from The Performer,” Lian Zhongxiang repeated.

“President Lian, it’s not good to joke about this kind of thing!” Ge Guangzhen checked the date again. “It’s not April Fools’ today!”

The f*ck, was he crazy?

Withdrawing their investment was such a big deal. Not waiting until the morning and, instead, waiting until the middle of the night when he was not even awake to call!

“Who would joke about this kind of thing?” Lian Zhongxiang smiled. “I’m definitely serious. Sorry for waking you up this late at night. After I’m done saying this, I can now go to sleep at ease. You should go to sleep earlier too.”

“Wait!” Ge Guangzhen hurriedly called him to stop.


Saying this kind of thing, then asking him to go back to sleep. The f*ck, who could still sleep?!

“President Lian, why are you suddenly withdrawing your sponsorship?” Ge Guangzhen was holding back his anger as he asked, gritting his teeth. “This is too sudden, right? Before this, there was no indication at all. I haven’t been mentally prepared yet.”

Lian Zhongxiang’s tone was one of helplessness. “You’re asking me, but who can I ask? I don’t know either! This is our CEO’s decision. I was also shocked when I heard it.”


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