The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 871

Chapter 871 871 Chain Reaction

871 Chain Reaction

“I’ve already passed the message. As for the sponsorship, it’s not up to me to decide. It’s decided by our CEO, and no one can do anything to affect his decision,” Lian Zhongxiang said. “Director Ge, rest properly. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Lian Zhongxiang hurriedly hung up the phone call.

Ge Guangzhen hurriedly called him back, yet the other party had already switched his phone off. His actions were extremely fast.

Ge Guangzhen was extremely troubled. Wei Feng’s sponsorship can be withdrawn whenever they wanted to. Seeing that the show was about to start filming, there was so little time left in between. Where was he to get another sponsorship?

Because of Xu Yaojie’s situation, the reputation of the show dropped very fast. Before this, there were a lot of advertising companies fighting over it, but now, everyone was probably just spectating.

No one was dumb.

Ge Guangzhen grabbed at his hair while sitting on the sofa, irritated. Lian Zhongxiang still tried to get him to sleep like that, but how could he sleep right now?

Ge Guangzhen could not sleep, so those subordinates of his should not think about sleeping either.

Ge Guangzhen first gave Xu Yaojie a call. Without waiting for Xu Yaojie to say anything, he started to scold him, throwing all the anger he had at this time of the night on Xu Yaojie. He then hung up the call, leaving Xu Yaojie stunned after being scolded in the middle of the night. He still did not know how he managed to anger Ge Guangzhen.

Ge Guangzhen then gave Team Leader Wu and Assistant Director Wang a call and talked about this situation, then he contacted the advertisement department of the station.

Because of Wei Zhiqian’s statement, there followed a series of chain reactions.

Almost half of a television station was awoken in the middle of the night by Ge Guangzhen, and angry sounds can be heard all over the place.

Ge Guangzhen did not sleep for the whole night. On the second day, he contacted Wei Zhiqian’s secretary multiple times, but the replies were all the same: Wei Zhiqian did not have time.

Ge Guangzhen gritted his teeth. He had personally come to Wei Feng, wanting to properly talk with Wei Zhiqian, and in the end, he could not even meet Wei Zhiqian. He was stopped by the front desk, not wanting to let him enter.

It was not just that. Even Lian Zhongxiang did not want to see him.

There was no other choice. Ge Guangzhen could only have his colleagues in the advertising department to find someone from another country to be the main sponsor.

For a show to not have a main sponsor, wasn’t that embarrassing?

Because of Xu Yaojie’s recording, their show suffered the loss of the high-price sponsorship. Ge Guangzhen did not want to see Xu Yaojie at all and ordered him to take a leave, then ultimately leave The Performer.

The tough question about the main sponsorship was yet to be solved. When Ge Guangzhen had just returned to the television station, his colleagues in the advertising department all came over to his office and told him, “Director Ge, just now, our department got a few calls. A few advertising companies called to pull out, and now, most of the companies that are advertising in your show had totally pulled out. There’s only one left. I’m just scared that when the other party hears that the other people advertising have all pulled out, they would also pull out.”

“Right now, we’re doing our best to hide this news, but we definitely can’t hide it for long. Whether it’s the company that has yet to pull out or the external media, they would know eventually,” the advertising department colleagues said. “Our show might not have even a bit of advertising in it.”

Ge Guangzhen’s head hurt so much that he wanted to hit it against the wall. He told his colleagues from the advertising department to return to their offices for now. “I’ll think of a method to solve it as fast as possible.”

“Alright, we’ll also help you all to find other companies that could invest,” the colleagues said, then left.

Ge Guangzhen then called Team Leader Wu over and contacted Lin Yi, wanting to have Wei Zilin help to do public relations.

But when he made the call, he did not even manage to reach Wei Zilin. It was Wei Zilin’s assistant who picked up, and without a second thought, he was rejected instantly.


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