The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 872

Chapter 872 872 Set Up

872 Set Up

“You don’t want to tell CEO Wei at all?” Ge Guangzhen was angered by the assistant’s attitude. “CEO Wei doesn’t even know, yet you can make decisions for him?”

Wei Zilin’s assistant kept smiling and politely said, “This is CEO Wei’s decision. CEO Wei had already ordered this long beforehand. Recently, the company has been too busy with all the current cases. We aren’t accepting any other cases.”

“Mine’s not the same!” Ge Guangzhen said angrily. “If you haven’t told CEO Wei about it, how do you know he won’t accept my case?”

The assistant said, “I’m telling you directly, CEO Wei had even specifically mentioned your show’s situation, saying that your esteemed show might come to our company. But sorry, we won’t take up your case.”

Ge Guangzhen was stunned. He refused to believe it, but since Wei Zilin’s assistant did not want to transfer his phone call to Wei Zilin, his only option left was to find another way to contact Wei Zilin.

Ge Guangzhen could only give up on the assistant. After hanging up the phone call, he went around to find Wei Zilin’s contact details.

In the end, after he managed to find it out, Ge Guangzhen instantly contacted Wei Zilin.

The phone call went through, and Wei Zilin also picked up.

But when Ge Guangzhen stated why he called, Wei Zilin directly rejected him.

“CEO Wei, you”

“I have too many cases on hand. I’m sorry, I can’t take this case,” Wei Zilin said.

“CEO Wei, consider it again, we can discuss the price,” Ge Guangzhen hurriedly said.

Wei Zilin raised an eyebrow and said, “Saying that the price can be discussed is perhaps useful with ordinary companies lacking cases, but with us, it’s useless. Whoever comes, they need to queue. And the queue is already full now. Sorry. Director Ge, let’s work together if there’s an opportunity to next time.”

Wei Zilin hung up the phone. Ge Guangzhen thought in his heart, What opportunity?

Who would want to seek out Lin Yi for cooperation if nothing happened to them?!

He hoped that he would not have that kind of chance at all in the future, alright?!

Of course, he really needed it now.

But Wei Zilin did not budge at all.


The Performer was in trouble, one that they had never met before, and Lu Man knew all about the details involved.

That included the call from Lian Zhongxiang that Ge Guangzhen received in the middle of the night and the latter finding out that their show had lost 500 million yuan worth in investments.

Because on the second day, Wei Zhiqian told everyone in the WeChat group about it.

Everyone also talked about their withdrawing of investment.

Because of that, Lu Man knew all the insider news regarding The Performer.

She went to school for class, and there was one lesson in the auditorium.

After Lu Man entered the classroom, she looked around, then saw Lu Qi and gave looks at Zheng Yuan and the other three. “Let’s go over there to sit.”

She stated her goal to Zheng Yuan and the other two, asking the three of them to cooperate.

They were all studying how to perform. This sort of reason would not trouble them, and they had no problem in cooperating with her.

Lu Man sat a row behind Lu Qi. She did not want to sit in front of Lu Qi because she would not be able to see what was going on at the back. That would be like she’d lost control of everything, and she did not like that kind of feeling.

A while after she sat down, Lu Man saw that it was about time and gave a secret signal to Zheng Yuan.

Zheng Yuan instantly nodded. After taking a deep breath to prepare, she asked in a tone that seemed very gossipy, “Lu Man, I heard that the main sponsor of The Performer withdrew their investmentis that true?”

“Yes,” Lu Man answered with a nod. “It seems like it’s because the other party’s main sponsorship of the show was exposed before the show was aired.”

“Why? Going by the variety shows that were very popular before, isn’t the money spent to become the main sponsor very high?! Those sponsors have all been exposed before and nothing happened. No one was unhappy, and the audience all treated it as nothing unusual,” Zheng Yuan said.


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