The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 874

Chapter 874 874 Eye Opening

874 Eye-opening

Lu Man looked at Lu Qi, who was in front, and saw that Lu Qi was leaning back as expected, listening to what they were saying.

“That’ll be hard to find. After all, not everyone is the same as Wei Feng, able to afford to pay so much. And given the fact that the reputation of the show has already been ruined before it started filming, no one would invest in them,” Pan Xue said.

“So now, the production group also cannot ask for a lot30 to 40 million yuan, just a bit is fine, then they must find other advertising companies to help to add on some money and make the show not totally embarrassing. That would be fine. The good thing is that the timeframe is tight now, so if the advertising companies try to press down the price a bit, it can be even cheaper.” As she spoke, Lu Man had lowered her voice a bit.

Lu Qi was about to be unable to clearly hear Lu Man’s voice and could not help but lean her chair back a bit, then bend her neck to listen to what Lu Man was saying.

“Even if it were like that, would there be people willing to invest in The Performer? After all, the reputation of this show is not good now,” Zheng Yuan asked, “face full of worry.”

“They haven’t started to film it yet, so it’s hard to say. The netizens are quite forgetful sometimes. Even though they keep on criticizing the production group right now, when the show is aired, if there is a celebrity they like, don’t you think they’ll still chase it anyway? The power of fans is quite great. Whether they win or lose in the end, or if there are internal workings in the show, just seeing the idol’s face, licking the screen all the way, it’s not like they can’t do that,” Lu Man said.

Pan Xue nodded. “You’re talking about me.”

Lu Man smiled and pointed at Pan Xue. “Look, there’s a living example here!”

“If someone else had said that to me, I won’t believe it, but if it’s said by Lu Man, I’ll believe it.” Han Leilei had even especially bent towards Lu Qi’s seat to let her hear clearly. “I trust in Lu Man’s judgement.”

“That’s right. After all, everyone can see Lu Man’s results up until now.”

“Now, it’s time to see who can take advantage of this,” Lu Man said.

Lu Qi silently remembered this in her heart.

As soon as the lessons ended, she excitedly left.

“Do you guys think she’s going back to tell Lu Qiyuan?” Pan Xue said in a small voice.

The other day, they had seen Xia Qingyang go crazy at the entrance of the school, as well as how Lu Qiyuan was so biased. Pan Xue really felt that that was eye-opening.

It was really hard to even describe a father like that.

No wonder Lu Man didn’t want to recognize him!

If it were her, she would not recognize him either!

Lu Man was good in every area. It was just that she had a father like Lu Qiyuan.

Han Leilei had even said before, “Look at how much ability Lu Man has right now. She’s not much older than we are, but her IQ, her EQ, and the way she deals with things are so much higher by many levels. It was all because of the environment she grew up in.”

Han Leilei had also told Pan Xue, “You can be so innocent, so crazyisn’t that because you are doted on by your parents? Because Lu Man has nothing and needs to rely on herself for everything, she’s trained herself to be like she is today. Honestly speaking, you are envious of Lu Man’s ability, but Lu Man has given up a lot for this. If you were as smart with as much ability as Lu Man, but you must go through what Lu Man had gone through, would you do so?”

Pan Xue thought about how Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were like, then instantly shivered, shaking her head without thinking. “Definitely would not do it.”

Pan Xue, Zheng Yuan, and Han Leilei had all seen it with their own eyes, and what they saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was hard to think that since she was young, Lu Man had gone through a lot of these kinds of things.

Because of that, when Lu Man discussed with them about how she wanted to give Lu Qiyuan a lesson, they did not even think about it before agreeing.


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