The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 875

Chapter 875 875 Even If She Were The Daughter Of The Ceo She Cant Bully People Like Tha

875 Even If She Were the Daughter of the CEO, She Can"t Bully People Like Tha

Following that, Han Leilei said, “With Lu Man’s brain, there was actually no need for her to tell us about her plan. Even if we were being used by her, we wouldn’t know, and we would be counting money and shouting 666 for her. But Lu Man did not hide anything from us at all. She told us the truth, really treating us as her friends.”

The three of them were especially touched!

Pan Xue nodded. “Lu Qi’s probably going to look for Lu Qiyuan.”

“I just don’t know if Lu Qiyuan would be tricked.” Zheng Yuan was extremely troubled. She placed her two hands together to pray. “Please fall for it!”


Lu Qi was doing what Lu Man and the rest had guessed. Not caring about meeting with He Zhengbai at all, she directly went to find Lu Qiyuan as soon as she left the school.

All of the Lu Corporation’s workers recognized Lu Qi.

Originally, before Lu Qi was totally ruined by Lu Man, she was still a famous celebrity. Even if it was not because of Lu Qiyuan, most of the workers would all recognize her.

But Lu Qiyuan had always been proud of Lu Qi, very willing to have Lu Qi come to the company to make him proud.

Because of that, in the Lu Corporation, everyone knew that Lu Qiyuan had a celebrity daughter, Lu Qi.

They recognized only Lu Qi, but not Lu Man.

If Lu Man came to the company, there was definitely no one who would recognize her.

But whenever they saw Lu Qi, the workers would all smile and call her, “Miss Lu.”

Lu Qi hurriedly greeted them, and then hurriedly went to Lu Qiyuan’s office.

Lu Qiyuan’s assistant, Jiang Yujie, stood up. “Miss, who are you looking for?”

Lu Qi stopped, unhappily looking at the young woman in front of her. “Who are you?”

“I’m CEO Lu’s assistant.” Jiang Yujie had an employee pass hung over her front.

Lu Qi took a look. “Jiang Yujie?”

Eh, such a fake name.

“You’re new here?” Lu Qi looked at Jiang Yujie unhappily.

Ever since Xia Qingyang married Lu Qiyuan, she had kept an eye on Lu Qiyuan’s assistant, scared that if his assistant was some young girl, she would turn out to be a vixen.

She had managed to find Lu Qiyuan with much difficulty, and in the end, Lu Qiyuan might be seduced by someone else again.

Xia Qingyang felt that it was not that she was imagining things and coming up with things on her own.

After all, she had snatched Lu Qiyuan from Xia Qingwei’s hands.

If she could snatch him from Xia Qingwei’s hands, then there would be people who could snatch him from her hands for sure.

This was the reason that, despite having been married to Lu Qiyuan for so long, Xia Qingyang did not feel at ease at all and had kept pretending to be innocent, acting out the kind of personality he liked.

Lu Qi did not know how Xia Qingyang did it. Anyway, for so many years, Lu Qiyuan’s secretaries had all been male. No young female one had appeared before.

Because of that, seeing Jiang Yujie in front of them, Lu Qi was extremely unhappy.

“What about Secretary Liu before this?” Lu Qi said coldly.

Jiang Yujie felt unhappy in her heart. Who was this person? So impolite!

Lu Qi’s current reputation was already decreasing rapidly, though she was always on the entertainment news because of some bad things.

Her appearance in person, however, was still a bit different from her picture.

Unlike the older employees who had seen Lu Qi before, Jiang Yujie was a newcomer and had yet to see Lu Qi in person.

As she was looking at Lu Qi, she did not connect her with the photos she’d seen online and with the person in the television dramas.

“Assistant Liu has quit,” Jiang Yujie explained. “Miss, you”

“Miss Lu!” Finally, an older employee had come over, and when he saw Lu Qi, he hurriedly called.

The older employee hurriedly pulled Jiang Yujie back a bit, then scolded, “This is Lu QiMiss Luour CEO’s daughter!”

Jiang Yujie still felt very wronged in her heart. Even if she were the daughter of the CEO, she can’t bully people like that!


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