The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Let Them Regret It For All He Cares

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After Wei Feng Corporation backed out, for some strange reason, no other company was willing to be the sponsor.

In the past, there were quite a few brands who indicated interest in contacting him. This time around, he contacted them of his own accord and even took the initiative to greatly reduce the price, from 500 million to an instant drop of 50 million yuan. Yet, no one was willing to accept his offer.

All of them expressed that they had signed with another show and didn’t have much budget left for The Performer.

Therefore, Ge Guangzhen really couldn’t ask for a high sponsorship fee anymore. He had to be satisfied with just enough.

At the start, The Performer was doing strong and well. In the station, they were right at their prime, ruling over others, becoming one of the major projects. All the limelight was on them. Even the employees working in the production could feel proud about it and could show it off. People working in other crews were all really envious of them and hoped to join the team.

Be it any resources or any request, the station would follow closely to the production team’s desires and try their best to fulfill them. All the other shows had to take a step back.

It was obvious how high an expectation the station had placed on this show.

Yet, eventually, because of Lu Man, everything was just burned to the ground in an instant.

Right now, Ge Guangzhen didn’t even dare to raise any request. He had to live while ducking his head down, only begging that the show could make a huge comeback after it started airing and fiercely slap those people who were laughing at their show!

Finally, Lu Qiyuan had surprisingly taken the initiative to discuss sponsoring their show. Of course, Ge Guangzhen wouldn’t just let it go.

Eventually, they settled with a 40 million deal, and Ge Guangzhen finally let out a sigh of relief.

Therefore, strangely, both parties felt like they had taken advantage of the other.

However, after Lu Qiyuan and Ge Guangzhen had settled the agreement…

The next day, Wei Feng Corporation released a statement, stating that they had already terminated their sponsorship of The Performer. They would no longer be the main sponsor of The Performer and would completely take back all of their investment in the show.

Ge Guangzhen had just managed to catch a breath because of Lu Qiyuan’s investment and was sitting in the office thinking about how to properly produce this show and slap Lu Man fiercely in the face.

To let Lu Man and Li Zeyu both regret that they didn’t participate in the show. They both just had to pretend to be so morally upright, saying that they would never join unless it was a fair competition.

Once the show had become popular, let them regret it for all he cares!

Eventually, Team Leader Wu anxiously and flusteredly dashed into the office. “Director Ge!”

Ge Guangzhen frowned unhappily. “Team Leader Wu, what’s the matter? Why are you so anxious that you aren’t even caring about your image anymore? If the other employees were to see it, wouldn’t you just be setting a bad example for them?”

“Sorry, sorry.” Team Leader Wu could care less about that right now. “I really can’t bother with that right now. Please take a look at this, Director Ge.”

Team Leader Wu didn’t need Ge Guangzhen to search for it himself and directly took out his phone for Ge Guangzhen to see. “Previously, Wei Feng Corporation hadn’t done anything and always maintained silence, so I thought that Wei Feng wouldn’t announce it on their own. When the show starts airing, the show wouldn’t receive much negative impact if the audience finds out only then that we’ve changed the sponsor. Moreover, before the show starts airing, everyone would still keep thinking that Wei Feng is the main sponsor and that could help calm everyone. The audience would look forward to it while the guests who are here only because the big sponsor Wei Feng is still here would stay. Even if there’s something wrong with our show’s reputation, the reason they didn’t back out of it despite their hesitation is that there’s still Wei Feng, which was a calming presence.”

“However, we had just signed with the Lu Corporation, and Wei Feng suddenly announced that they are no longer going to continue being our sponsor. The internet has blown up over this. Everyone is speculating whether or not Wei Feng left because it was revealed that our show is scripted and have a bad reputation,” Team Leader Wu said.

These last few days, Ge Guangzhen’s heart had been riding on a rollercoaster, suddenly rushing upwards, suddenly zooming downwards.

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