The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 881

Chapter 881 No One Can Come

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They had managed to make things stable with much difficulty, but because of that, they were suddenly hit again.

“Does that Lu Man contain poison? Why is it that after we provoked her, nothing good is happening to us at all?!” Ge Guangzhen was so angry that he almost cried.

Team Leader Wu added in his heart silently, It was going against her that caused all these bad things to happen.

“Director Ge!” Ge Guangzhen’s secretary entered. “The Best Actress Awardee Gao Zishan’s manager just contacted us, saying that Gao Zishan wants to pull out of the show and will not be able to participate.”

“What?!” Ge Guangzhen hurriedly sat up.

The main thing that the show was relying on was that those best actor and actress awardees would participate in the competition, along with the judges who were famous directors in the country.

“Director Ge, the manager of Zhang Shuidong, the best actor awardee, just contacted us, saying that due to schedule conflicts, they cannot make it.” There was another one who stated their intent.

“Schedule conflicts? When we contacted them at that time, why wasn’t there anything about conflicting schedules? Why are they only now jumping out to say that they have conflicting schedules?!”

“Director Ge—” Someone else entered.

“Who’s not coming this time?” Ge Guangzhen said angrily.

“It’s Yu Yanshu. He also pulled out.”

“Xiao Yang, you’re in charge of contacting the celebrities who’ve said that they are pulling out. Try your best to keep them in. Ask them what conditions they have. Xiao Chen, go and contact new celebrities. Search among the B-listers down to the D-listers. It’s not possible to seek out A-listers. Check among the currently popular ones in the B-list and C-list, as well as those who are in the D-list and are beginning to become popular due to some show. It doesn’t matter how their advancement goes in the future—check with at least those celebrities who are currently more popular, especially the male celebrities. Go and find them, try to contact them as fast as possible, and persuade them to sign the contract!” Ge Guangzhen hurriedly said.

“Director Ge,” someone else called out. Because the office was full of people, he could not go in and could only stand at the doorway.

“Who else pulled out? Say it all at once now!” Ge Guangzhen said, irritated.

“It’s not a celebrity pulling out, it’s that Gao Zishan and the rest have already publicly announced that they are pulling out of The Performer.”

Publicly announcing—that meant that there were no grounds left for them to try to get them back.

“Who else is there?!” Ge Guangzhen asked.

“Gao Zishan. Zhang Shuidong, Yu Yanshu, Lan Jiexin—”

Before he finished talking, there was someone else who anxiously ran in. “Director Ge, Director Sun Yiwu has also pulled out of the show, refusing to be a special consultant.”

Ge Guangzhen suddenly felt his vision become blurry, then he fell onto the chair.

These people were the ones who would have pulled the most viewers for the show.

Without these VIPs and with just the people who were left over, this show would not have much difference with the smaller variety shows.

“Go, go and contact Sun Yiwu!” Ge Guangzhen had just finished saying that when he spoke again. “No, let me contact him personally.”

The worker said, “There’s no need. Director Sun directly announced it publicly on Weibo.”

Ge Guangzhen hit the desk angrily. “These actors were scared that the show would affect their reputation, and that’s one thing. But Sun Yiwu, he’s a director. Why’s he participating in this?!”


The actors might have a lot of concerns. The internal workings of the show being exposed was one reason—they were scared that if they won, people would suspect that they won due to internal decisions, not because of their ability.

If they lost, they were scared that the audience and the businesses that did films would feel that their ability was lacking and that they would lose a lot of opportunities.

Before the scandal regarding the internal workings had been exposed, a lot of actors were willing to participate because after they won, there would be a lot of observable and not-observable benefits.

Increasing their reputation, increasing their popularity, causing people to view their acting skills on another level.

Their performance, the film production side, the directors, they would all see it and that could increase their opportunities.

But ever since the production group had this scandal, there were no longer additional benefits, and those popular actors became more concerned about their own self. There were no benefits but a lot of risks. Of course they would be even more unwilling to come.

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