The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Slapped In The Face Again

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But Sun Yiwu was different!

Sun Yiwu was a director, and he was invited to be a consultant.

Take note: he was to be a consultant, not a judge.

Because this show did not have a judge.

The voting rights were all in the hands of the audience, so the position of the judge was changed to that of a consultant.

After the actors finished performing, the consultants will comment on the actors performance, pointing out the positives of their performance, what was lackingthe details that some audience members might not notice.

Of course, these things would have a guiding effect on the audience.

But the consultants did not have any voting rights. Aside from leading the audience with words, they did not have real power to influence the competition results.

And so, because of that, whether there were internal workings or not, who wins or loses in the end, it would not have much effect on the consultants.

Furthermore, Sun Yiwu himself was a famous director, and the entertainment industry was a food chain similar to life itself. He would not be affected by these internal workings at all.

It wouldnt even affect him, so what was he pulling out for?!

Team Leader Wus face looked troubled. He only said after a long time, "Director Ge, I heard that Sun Yiwus relationship with Lu Man is very good. During the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships, Sun Yiwu specially went on set to support Lu Man."

"" Ge Guangzhen was quiet for a while before saying, "Then lets find another director."

"What about Ji Cheng?" someone suggested. "Ji Cheng is considered a top-notch director now. Hes very popular, and a lot of audience members hope to see him participate in some show. If we use the popularity ofRed Tiger, it will help with the shows outcome quite a bit."

Team Leader Wu said with much difficulty, "Director Ji Cheng his relationship with Lu Man is especially good. On the day of the Chinese Arts Championships finals, other than Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng had specially brought his wife and his daughter to go to the event location to support Lu Man."

Everybody: ""

"Couldnt you have said it in one breath?" Ge Guangzhen was so angry that his stomach hurt.

"Then lets go and find someone else. Lu Man is someone whos just entered the entertainment industry. It cant be that she has good relationships with all the famous directors and old artists!" Ge Guangzhen said angrily. "I remember that the Chinese Arts Championships had a few judges. There was Teacher Ma Xianghuan and Teacher Lian Fangthese two artists are well-respected. As long as we can invite them, the rumors about our show having internal workings would be gone without us having to do anything about it. Teacher Ma Xianghuan and Teacher Lian Fang are well known to be just and stern, and they would not do these sorts of fake things."

The two teachers would not do it, but the audience had all been bought over by them.

The counter had no use at all. No matter whether it was the red or blue or green button, there was no use pressing anything. Everything would go according to the production groups instructions.

Whichever color the production group wanted to have the highest votes, that would have the highest votes.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang did not know that and would not be able to do anything about it.

And because of their good reputation all this while, upon seeing that Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang were the judges, the audience would naturally believe that their show did not have any internal workings and any fake results.

"Aside from Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang, come up with a list of old celebrities with good reputations and contact them one by one!" Ge Guangzhen said. "I dont believe that there isnt a single one who wants to come!"

The workers first contacted Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang.

But they were all rejected by them.

"Why?" Ge Guangzhen frowned. The people he had placed the most hope on was Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang.

What happened during the Chinese Arts Championships would have been a good foundation. The two of them had replaced the judges who were unfairly giving marks, and they were praised by everyone. They had a lot of affinity even with people who were not their fans.

"They said that they served as judges during the Chinese Arts Championships because Han Zhuoli had personally invited them. If it were not for Han Zhuoli, they would not have come out."

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