The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Taking Revenge

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How could Ge Guangzhen compare with Han Zhuoli?

Could he be compared?

Even while he was using the Xing Ke Station name, they could not be compared.

"Then find someone else! I dont believe that we cant find anyone!" Ge Guangzhen said angrily.

Xia Qingwei was also carefully observing what was happening withThe Performer. After all, Lu Man had not provoked them, but they insisted on coming and making trouble. After provoking Lu Man, they would be unable to bear the consequences of their failure.

She saw that those big celebrities that the production group had originally planned to invite had already pull out.

Gao Zishan and Zhang Shuidongs pulling out, especially, was a big blow forThe Performer.

"Can their show still find people?" Xia Qingwei asked Lu Man.

"Yes. Itll be hard to get the A-listers, but as for the B-listers and C-listers, as well as those celebrities who had just become a bit famous but is lacking in power currently, they really need the opportunity to be in the public eye. They will choose to join this show," Lu Man said.

"But arent the results already decided internally? If they participate, it would still cause people to feel like they are helping to fake results." Xia Qingwei did not understand.

"Therell be people who wont care. No matter the results, as long as they managed to show all theyre capable of in the process, it would still allow people to see their acting skills. There will be people participating with these sorts of thoughts in mind. And if their acting skills are passable but they lost, there would be audience members whod complain about the unfairness, and there will be a lot of talk about them." Lu Man patiently explained everything to Xia Qingwei, not a bit annoyed at all.

"But this show has gotten into so much trouble before filming has even started. Even if it gets aired, the results wont be very good," Lu Man explained further as she smiled.

"Then I feel at ease." Xia Qingwei was being slightly mean, which was a rare sight.

But it would not be deemed as hateful at all, even if people saw it. Xia Qingwei was doing this for Lu Man, and Lu Man felt warm in her heart.

But Lu Qiyuans side was not feeling good at all.

He had just signed the contract with the production group, and those A-list celebrities all pulled out together. How could the show still be good?

He could not pull out like Wei Feng. The Lu Corporation was not as great as that company.

Lu Qiyuan instantly contacted Ge Guangzhen, and Ge Guangzhen expressed to him again that the show definitely was not having any problem. "We are currently contacting those popular celebrities, and weve already confirmed with a few."

Ge Guangzhen casually said a few names. Actually, he had yet to succeed in discussing anything with these few people yet, but Lu Qiyuan did not know that. It was better to calm him down before talking.

Lu Qiyuan finally felt a bit more at ease and prayed thatThe Performerwould be able to become extremely popular when it started airing.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost the New Year.

The Performerhad already recorded two episodes. The official Weibo announced that on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, which happened to be a Friday night, they would start airing.

As for which celebrities they had managed to find, the production group kept that very much a secret.

But of course, it could not be kept hidden from Lu Man. Lu Man found Da Xiongs WeChat and opened the chat window. She then casually asked, "Which celebrities didThe Performerfind to record the show?"

"The f*ck, you scared me. I thought you were looking for me for some big news," Da Xiong replied instantly. "Did you forget about me? The fact thatThe Performerhad internally decided on the resultsyou didnt tell me about this sort of big news and exposed it yourself."

Lu Man: "Isnt it because the production group made trouble themselves? Normally, for this sort of thing, I take revenge myself."

Da Xiong: " How cruel!"

Lu Man: "Im being serious here. Which actors did they find?"

Da Xiong: "I really do know the name list. Wait, Ill go and find it. Ill send it over to you in a while."

Lu Man: "Thanks. Ill look for you if I have any news next time."

Da Xiong: "I was just waiting for those words."

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