The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Just Call Him Big Brother

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By the time she was done chatting with Da Xiong, Han Zhuolis car was already parked in front of the family house.

It was Saturday today. There was still a week from the 30th of the month.

Lu Man went back to the family house with Han Zhuoli to see the elders.

Old Mrs. Han had already prepared new clothes, and upon seeing Lu Man arrive, she pulled Lu Man into the bedroom for her to change into it and let her see it.

And after that, she pulled Lu Mans hands as they came out together, looking like they were actually grandmother and granddaughter.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuofeng were practically non-existent.


After a while, the doorbell rang. Auntie Sun went to take a look and opened the door as she turned her head to tell everyone, "Its Eldest Sir and Madam, as well as Young Master Zhuoling."

The Old Mrs. Han patted Lu Mans hand. "You havent seen Zhuoling before, right? Hes been running around the Europeans side, busy with work. He comes back only during the New Year."

As for Han Dongping, Old Mrs. Han said, "If his attitude towards you is no good, you can just ignore him. Theres no need to care about us, you can ignore him or just attack back. Anyway, in this family, what he says doesnt hold weight."


Han Zhuofeng: ""

Old Mrs. Han talking about his dad like that in front of him, was that really good?

After Old Mrs. Han said that, Han Dongpings whole family entered the doorway.

Han Zhuofeng hurriedly went to greet them at the doorway. "Dad, Mom, Older Brother, Older Sister-in-law."

If Han Dongping got angry, he could still hold him back a bit.

Lin Liye gave a look at Han Zhuofeng, telling him to relax, she was still there.

Han Dongpings face was stiff as he responded.

The people of the Han Family, Lu Man practically recognized them all. It was just that she had yet to see Han Zhuoling and his wife before.

Han Zhuoling had been busy with managing the Han Familys companies in Europe, and his wife naturally followed.

When Old Mrs. Han saw her great-grandson, she was extremely happy. "Aiyo, let me take a look, hes grown to be a little plump boy already."

After not seeing them for a year, Han Zhuolings son already knew how to walk. His words were not very clear and he was walking like a penguin, which made him appear very cute.

As he was such a small child, after not seeing them for a year, he had already long since forgotten them.

But the good thing was that he was not scared of strangers, and upon seeing Old Mrs. Han, he began to smile widely, extending his hand to ask Old Mrs. Han to hug him.

"Aiyo, good child! Good child!" Old Mrs. Han was very touched and carried the little boy. "Man Man, come over, you havent seen Zhuoling and Yixin before, right?"

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli walked over.

Han Dongping saw that Lu Man was still there and had not broken up with Han Zhuoli. His face became dark instantly.

It was the first time that Lu Man had seen Han Zhuoling. He was older than Han Zhuoli by a year and looked slightly similar to Han Zhuoli.

But Lu Man felt that he was not as good-looking as Han Zhuoli.

As she thought about that, she could not help but turn her head to look at Han Zhuoli. Her man really got better and better the more she looked at him. No matter how much she looked, it was not enough.

She was smiling, her eyes curved like the moon. Other than Han Zhuoli, she did not want to look at anyone else.

Old Mrs. Han felt very happy seeing that from the side.

Its the best if the two of them were very much in love.

Looking at how much Lu Man liked Han Zhuoli, she also felt at ease.

Otherwise, if Lu Man ran away, what was Han Zhuoli to do?

Lu Mans gaze was too burning. Even if Han Zhuoli did not want to feel it, it was impossible.

As he looked towards Lu Man, Han Zhuolis mouth curved, and he raised an eyebrow at her.

This girl, could this be her first time feeling that he was good-looking?

"Just call him Big Brother," Han Zhuoli said to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling raised an eyebrow. He did not know about the fact that Lu Man was already engaged to Han Zhuoli.

Hearing what Han Zhuoli said, it was obvious that he was treating Lu Man as a family member and not at all as a stranger.

Lu Man naturally did not treat him as a stranger at all and readily called, "Big Brother."

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