The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Getting Attacked Despite Standing At The Side And Saying Nothing

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And without anyone telling her to, she had even addressed Xia Yixin as "Eldest Sister-in-law."

Xia Yixin smiled and responded. One could not detect any unhappy emotions from her face.

On the other hand, it was Han Zhuoling who took a look at Xia Yixin and did not say anything.

Han Zhuoli could see Han Zhuolings thoughts and directly held Lu Mans hand. "Im engaged to Man Man."

Han Zhuoling was stunned for a while, then smiled and said, "Congratulations."

Han Dongpings facial expression changed. "Why did I not know about this?!"

Shen Nuo walked over. "Big Brother, what youre saying is quite funny. Its my son whos engaged to Man Man, so why do we need to have your agreement? Its enough that I and Zhuolis dad know about it."

"Thats right. As long as I and your dad know, its enough," Old Mrs. Han said.

Han Dongping saw that Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng were not finding it strange at all and instantly asked, "You both knew about this already?"

Lin Liye was about to answer when Old Mrs. Han said, "They did not know, they found out today with you."

Old Mrs. Han was scared that Han Dongping would be angry at Lin Liye when he went back.

Lin Liye was grateful as she looked at Old Mrs. Han.

"Who are you trying to lie to?!" Han Dongping said angrily. "Do they look like they didnt know about this?"

"What kind of attitude do you have? Since you were young, did I teach you to be like this?" Old Mr. Han said coldly.

"Zhuoling also just found out that Zhuoli is engaged to Lu Man. Did you see Zhuoling having as big a reaction as you? Isnt he very calm?" Old Mr. Han said angrily. "Youre already so old, yet youre not comparable to Zhuoling! Getting worked up over small things, blaming people, only you are not wrong. Youre the best one!"

Han Xijin frowned and said, "Big Brother Han, about Zhuoli being engaged to Lu Man, I dont understand why your reaction is so exaggerated. Zhuoli is our son, we dont even have any opinions, so why do you have such a big opinion?"

"Thats right!" Shen Nuo crossed her arms, pursing her lips as she said, "Outsiders would think that Zhuoli is your son. The main thing is that Zhuoli is someone I held in my womb for ten months before giving birth to him! Doesnt that mean"

"Cough! Cough cough!" Han Xijin hurriedly interrupted Shen Nuo.

Even Lin Liye could not help but laugh.

Shen Nuo was very direct and would say anything she was thinking. A lot of times, she did not think through what she said.

But her words made Han Xijin and Lin Liye unable to be angry.

Han Dongping was extremely helpless and could not be angry at Shen Nuo.

Shen Nuo hurriedly stopped. Her lips twitching, she said, "Anyway, its enough that we are satisfied with Lu Man, our daughter-in-law. If you want to bother with peoples marriage, go and bother with Zhuofengs."


Han Zhuofeng: ""

Whom did he offend?

Getting attacked despite standing at the side and saying nothing?


This family was not warmhearted at all.

"Dont stand at the doorway anymore, hurry and come in to sit," Old Mrs. Han said.

Xia Yixin waited til the end, and upon seeing Lu Mans figure from the back, she lowered her eyes.

Lu Man was walking when her leg was suddenly hugged by someone.

She lowered her head to take a look. Han Zhuolings son, Han Linkai, was hugging her leg.

Seeing that she had stopped, this little thing even raised his head to look at her, smiling naively.

"This child likes you," Xia Yixin said as she walked over, smiling. "Hes always liked beautiful women. When he didnt know how to walk yet, he let only beautiful ladies carry him. If a guy wanted to carry him, it would depend on his mood if he allowed it."

Lu Man was happy when she heard that and wanted to bend down to carry the little thing up.

Who knew that Han Zhuoli would be even faster, directly grabbing the little things collar and carrying him up?


The little thing instantly became more like a tortoise, his legs and hands waving around in the air.

Xia Yixin felt her heart ache when she looked at it, but ever since shed entered the Han Family, she had been especially scared of Han Zhuoli.

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