The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Their Habit Of Seeking Death Is The Same 1


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Lu Mans face was red. She could not dare to glare at Han Zhuoli in front of the elders.

Old Mrs. Han appeared to be anticipating it so much and was just waiting for their answer.

Thick-skinned, Lu Man opened her mouth to say, Let things occur naturally.

However, Han Zhuoli had replied at the same time, When she graduates.

Graduating is good, graduating is good. The truth was, Han Zhuoli had told the elders about it a long time ago, and Old Mrs. Han thought that they had decided to bring it forward. But even though it was not being brought forward, she was not disappointed and raised her fingers to count. There are still two years to go. Its almost time, almost time.

Lu Man looked towards Han Zhuoli in shock. So he had already prepared for it a long time ago?

Right now is not suitable, because should you get pregnant, youd have to stop schooling, Han Zhuoli explained to Lu Man in a low voice. You returned to school with much difficulty. Wait until you graduate before we talk about it or it might delay your graduation time.

Lu Man did not think that he would have even thought of that.

Actually, she did not mind it. For his sake, sacrificing a little was nothing.

But this man was thinking of her and was so caring that he had even considered such a detail. Lu Man was extremely touched.

She said in a soft voice, Theres no need to wait for graduation. Its alright in Year Four. In Year Four, the students are mostly outside filming and would not return to school for lessons. There wont be a lot of lessons at that time.

Han Zhuoli still wanted to spend more time with Lu Man alone.

Holding her hands, he smiled, and his dark eyes also curved. You want to give birth to a child for me so badly?

Lu Man could not help but secretly pinch the flesh between his thumb and index finger. She was being serious!

Han Zhuoli really felt pain from that pinch. This little girl recently, her claws had become very strong!

He hurriedly held her hand, his fingers interlaced with hers, not letting her extend her claws again.

Im just joking, Im just joking, Han Zhuoli hurriedly said.

Old Mrs. Han quietly watched as he courted death.

Lu Man properly wanted to bring forward giving birth to a child for him, but he insisted on seeking death, haha!

No wonder he had been single for 30 years before this!

Old Mrs. Han took the chance to say, If its Year Four, you can start preparing to get pregnant from Year Three. When Year Three ends, you can instantly become pregnant and get ready to give birth at home.

As Old Mrs. Han spoke, she took out her phone and started to check the dates, calculating this and that.

Lu Man did not let Han Zhuoli go so easily. She smiled as she said in a low voice, How can I not be in a rush? Youre already so old. If it drags on anymore, youll be getting a son in your old age, and in the future, when you send your son to school, what will you do if people think that you are his grandpa?

1Han Zhuoli:

Saying hed be Grandpa wasnt that exaggerating too much?!

Getting a son in his old age?


Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Mans hand tightly. It seems like Im not working hard enough recently, such that you have the wrong idea that Im old already.

Lu Man:

Her back turned cold as she felt that her joke went too far.

Before this, she knew that this man was very concerned about his age. No, to be accurate, he minded that the gap between his age and hers was quite big.

Thus, whenever necessary, Lu Man would take this stick out to stab his heart a bit.

But he did not think that Han Zhuoli cared about it so much.

No no Lu Man admitted defeat instantly.

No one would have thought that the woman whom no one dared to argue with outside, the woman who had never lost any arguments, would admit defeat so easily.

No, no, I was just joking, just joking. Lu Man hurriedly smiled.

She did not realize that what she was saying was exactly the same as what Han Zhuoli had said just now. Their point of view had gotten switched.

Old Mrs. Han covered her mouth as she watched the two of them seeking death.

No wonder Han Zhuoli could catch Lu Man.

Their habit of seeking death was the same!


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