The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 890

Chapter 890 What Sort Of Crisis Can The Han Family Encounter?

If he was talking about Lu Man, then just talk about Lu Man. Why did he keep scolding him as well?

Because of your arrogance, you werent watching Lu Man. Before wed agreed to Lu Man being with Han Zhuoli, weve watched Lu Man for a very long time. Lu Mans personal qualities make her totally suited to be the head of the familys wife, and shes even better than what is needed. She is calm when meeting with problems. Her schemes are sufficient, her brain awakeshes able to think fast and can control the situation. Shes also upright. Even if the Han Family is met with a crisis, she can hold her own.

Han Dongping did not think of it as anything big and sneered, What sort of crisis can the Han Family encounter?

A big creature with roots in B City, spreading outwards with the B City as the center.

The Han Family was as stable as a massive rock!

Old Mr. Han sighed. Ive never been more grateful that you arent the one who awoke the ability of the family head. Im also thankful that your two sons arent like you.

Old Mr. Han shook his head. Who exactly are you like? You are near-sighed. Dont you understand the phrase be prepared in times of danger? If everyone thinks like you do, that it is impossible for the Han Family to encounter an accident, the Han Family would have long been corrupted and couldnt have been passed on to this generation at all!

The heads of the Han Family in past dynasties had always held the way of thinking that, during a crisis, the Han Family could be overthrown at any time. They dared not relax the management of the family at all. Only in this way can the Han Family persist from generation to generation. Because accidents might come anytime and dangers might come anytime, no one can guarantee that the Han Family will always be safe and strong. Every family, every dynasty, has its ups and downs. When the weakness comes, if there is no preparation, then one would really be just waiting for death and there is no need to think of a revival in the future.

Old Mr. Han turned around and took up a thick book from the bookshelf. In here are the records of our family. It details the ups and downs from one country to another and the rise and fall of the Han Family after it became one family. Did you think the Han Family has always been so prosperous?

No! The Han Family had been weak, and not just once, but actually five times! And during those five times, it was only thanks to the management of successive generations of the family heads and their wives that we managed to survive. Prosperous generations of family heads and their wives prepare for the decline that they do not know when will come. When the family is weak, it still has a solid foundation accumulated through the ages. The head of the family and his wife will retire bravely with the rapid flow of the Han Family, hiding the whole family in the dark, recuperating and restoring, and then flourishing again after the development of generations. These ups and downs of the process have taken place five times! Every weakness comes silently, unexpectedly yet also expectedly.

Unexpectedly, because nobody expected that it would come in their own generation. But it was also expected, because the past dynasties have prepared their minds such that, even if trouble comes, they will not panic. But even with the accumulation of the past dynasties, it is still difficult, and it needs the family head and his wife to deal with it together and persevere. What do you mean by marriage to a big family to gain an alliance? Yes, it happened before, and it happened during a troubled time. But when the accident happened, the in-laws hid far far awaythere was no use depending on them. It all depended on the Han family itself. Fortunately, the head of the familys wife during that generation was tough enough. She could not count on her own family, yet she did not abandon the Han family and left but supported it with the family head.

So what you said are just superficial. What we are looking at has never been those external things. Old Mr. Han rarely spoke to Han Dongping so seriously. Whats important is Lu Mans heart, the way she deals with a crisis. She has always met problems head-on and has never chosen to escape. Someone who doesnt escape, that point alone is already very good!




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