The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 893

Chapter 893 What Kind Of Thing Is She?

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Lin Liye had ways to deal with him and gently convinced, "I really did not know, I never hide anything from you, ever. If I knew about it, how could I not have told you?"

Han Zhuofeng felt tired in his heart as he convinced his father alongside his mother. "Thats right, Dad, we all did not know. Never mind me and mom, even big brother, who is never at home, also learned the news only today, right? But he did not react that much. For us, its just finding out that Second Eldest Brother got engaged to Lu Man. Its just that simple."

Lin Liye said gently, "If theres anything, lets go back home and discuss. If Dad and Mom saw us at the doorway, it will not be good."

Lin Liye knew how to make Han Dongping calm, and Han Dongping coldly said, "Ill believe you all for the moment!"

Lin Liye got inside the car with Han Dongping. Han Zhuofeng drove his own car over, but he did not feel at ease leaving Lin Liyes side, scared that if Han Dongping threw his temper at Lin Liye, no one would be able to help her, and so he followed them.

Han Zhuoling brought Xia Yixin and his son and drove another car.

After getting inside the car, he started it, then Han Zhuoling looked at Xia Yixin and said, "What? Do you have an opinion on Lu Man?"

Xia Yixin trembled, guiltily hiding it with a smile. "No. Today was the first time Im seeing her. What kind of opinion can I have?"

Han Zhuoling looked at her coldly, the corner of his lips twitching upwards. "No matter what thoughts you have, be honest and swallow it back down, then forget all about it."

Xia Yixin hugged her son while hesitantly saying, "What are you saying? Do you distrust me that much? Lu Man has no relation with me at all, so what can I do?"

Han Zhuoling laughed dryly, then suddenly extended his hand towards Xia Yixin.

Instinctively, Xia Yixin nervously avoided it by moving backward.

Han Zhuolings fingers touched the little hairs that were in front of her ear. "What are you scared of?"

Xia Yixin licked her lips, then said, "You suddenly reached out. It scared me."

"Ha!" Han Zhuoling smiled mildly. "I remember that your relationship with Dai Yiran is not bad."

Xia Yixin suddenly turned her head. She did not think that Han Zhuoling would know about this!

Dai Yiran was her close friend. Back when she married him, Han Zhuoling was busy with work, and during the daytime, she was alone at home. Even when she met with Dai Yiran, she would not tell Han Zhuoling.

After that, she followed Han Zhuoling to Europe and occasionally talked to Dai Yiran over the phone, but it was all when Han Zhuoling was not around.

Who knew that Han Zhuoling actually knew about this too!

"Zhuoli is about to get married. You should stop thinking about helping your close friend," Han Zhuoling said coldly. "What kind of thing is she? Shes not even worthy of being married into the Han Family."

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips. If it had been up to him, Xia Yixin would also not have been deemed as worthy.

Xia Yixin was introduced by Han Dongping.

Han Dongping introduced Xia Yixin to him first, and after that, he planned on matchmaking Han Zhuoli and Dai Yiran, but Han Dongpings judgment was really bad.

1The reason hed agreed back then was that, first, he had no one he liked at that time and was not interested in liking people. He was more interested in earning money.

The second was that, even though Xia Yixin was dumb, she was obedient and easy to control, which was a good thing.

If he would only have found a dumb but disobedient woman, and one whos even arrogant and hard to control, its better to just stick to Xia Yixin.

So he agreed.

For him, women were easy to control and can be used to carry on the family line. They had no other use.

2As long as they satisfied these two points, it was the same whoever he married.

Han Zhuoling gave all his love to the family business.

He just liked that kind of thing. What was he to do?

But Dai Yiran was not the same. Dai Yiran was the second kind, dumb but disobedient, and even arrogant and hard to control.

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