The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Invitation For An Explosive Program

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If that kind of woman entered the Han Family, she was going to harm them.

"This New Year, while you are in B City, be good and dont contact Dai Yiran too much. Do you understand?" Han Zhuoling said.

Xia Yixin was quite scared of Han Zhuoling. She nodded and said, "Alright."

1Han Zhuoling glanced at her, not knowing if she really was listening to him.


Han Zhuoli left the family house with Lu Man and returned to Xia Qingweis place.

Han Zhuoli told Xia Qingwei about how they were going to get their marriage certificate as soon as the New Year holiday was over.

As expected, Xia Qingwei was very supportive. "Its good that you are getting your marriage certificate."

After they get their marriage certificate, the two children staying together would be normal and expected, right?

Furthermore, Han Zhuoli is not that young anymore. Lu Man is young, it doesnt matter for her, but Han Zhuoli is older. Its better if he gets married earlier.

Han Zhuoli did not knoweven his mother-in-law felt that he was quite old!

1The three of them were chatting when Lu Man received Hu Zhonghuis phone call.

"Lu Man, just now, Dong Hua Station contacted me, wanting you to join theirClassic X Filesshow," Hu Zhonghuis voice could not hide her excitement.

Classic X Fileswas an old and famous variety show of Dong Hua Station. When it was just released, it was extremely explosive and managed to win against all the variety shows at that time.

Now that it was the fourth season, although its not as popular as when it first ired, it was still in the top three among the Friday night variety shows.

The show was classic, and every season, they picked a part of a classic movie, mostly old movies, as well as the best works of the big directors in recent years.

The show would invite the original cast of the movie or drama so they could compete in various areas with new actors.

Enacting a crying scene within 10 seconds, using different emotions to act out a foreign script, or breaking down the script of the original show based on ones understandingwhat was being tested was the actors basics in terms of lines.

The new generation of actors will be separated into two teams, and the show will use lot-drawing for them to choose the part they would be performing. They would then have to find their own guest actors to perform the part of the script of the movie again.

That was the time for the actors to show their connections: by finding friends in the industry or the seniors in the same company.

Anyway, it was just that you had to think of a way yourself.

Every episode, the audience would anticipate what mysterious guest the guests would bring.

This part of the show became the most classic and the most anticipated part.

In the end, the original shows actors will choose which team wins.

Winning or losing was not as important for this show as it was forThe Performer. The most important thing for them was the process.

Classic X Fileskept on being popular until its fourth year. No one could compete with it in the same time slots.

Xing Ke Station and Dong Hua Station were old competitors. Originally, the variety show slot on Friday night had always been Xing Ke Stations, but since Dong Hua Station came up withClassic X Files, Xing Ke Station had lost its position as the sole ruler of the variety shows.

Because of that,The Performerwas released to go againstClassic X Files, hoping to get back the first place in viewership ratings for the same time slot.

Classic X Filesaired at 9 on Friday nights, and thus,The Performeralso aired on Friday night.

Xing Ke Station spent a lot of effort to finally think of a proposal forThe Performer, wanting to suppressClassic X Files. Whod have known that Lu Man would pop up? BeforeThe Performereven aired, it was already half-dead.

After that incident happened, never mind winning againstClassic X Filesif they were able to ensure that their viewership ratings wouldnt flop, that was already worth being happy about.

Classic X Filess first seasons sponsorship fee was originally 50 million yuan, but now, in the fourth season, it had increased to 450 million yuan.

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