The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Fight Head On

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Lu Man slightly raised her eyebrows and said, "It couldnt be that youre thinking of going right up againstThe Performer, right?"

"Hahahahaha!" Chi Xingrui burst into laughter. "Indeed, you do live up to your name!"

This young lady was really quick-witted.

He had just mentioned the airing date of the show and she was already able to glean so much.

Chi Xingrui also stopped hiding or evading. "Yes. Back when Xing Ke Station designed their show,The Performer, it was also meant to go up against our show,Classic X Files. Both shows are about discussing and nurturing the current actors acting skills. Their choosing to let guests battle over their performances of classic film scenes and scripts is honestly also a way of paying homage to the classics."

"Xing Ke Station and ours are old rivals. All these years, we at Dong Hua Station have been doing pretty well in the variety shows, and so Xing Ke Station couldnt sit still either." Chi Xingrui took a sip of his coffee. "Usually, when we invite guests to join our show, we wouldnt be on such short notice. We would do so at least one month before. We need to give the artistes time to plan their schedule."

Chi Xingrui was being very honest with Lu Man. "Im not going to lie to you either. This time, Xing Ke Station has aimed straight at our station and wanted to use the viewership ratings at the same time slot to attack us, so we definitely wont be happy about this. Originally, we were honestly really worrying over this. After all, our show has been going on for a while and the audience will definitely be a little tired of it. It definitely wouldnt be as exciting and fresh as their new show, which could ignite the audiences curiosity. Yet, who could have expected thatThe Performerwould go awry and that you would be precisely one of the main stars of this incident?"

"WhileThe Performers reputation is going downhill now, we have received news that their cast on their first broadcast will be really eye-catching," Chi Xingrui said.

Lu Man asked in surprise, "According to what I know, the actors who were winners of Best Actor or Best Actress awards have all left the show. Additionally, those old-time actors who cherish their own reputation also stopped participating in it. How impressive could their cast be?"

She had a list of the cast ofThe Performerwith her. Da Xiong had given it to her, but it wasnt entirely complete.

"You are looking only at those with solid acting skills." Chi Xingrui said with a smile. "But dont forget, there are still those big-time popular actors.The Performerreally went all out this time. This time, they have pumped serious money to invite Xu Jingfeng. His pay is the highest. Additionally, they have also invited the male and female leads from the two most popular idol dramas right now. As both shows are currently really popular, their popularity havent faded yet, and the audience really likes both male leads. Wu Guan even managed to become an A-list just because of this. No matter how their acting skills are, just based on their popularity, they can attract a huge wave of fans. All these people will be appearing in the first episode."

"Originally, whenThe Performerfaced problems, we werent too worried about it. But right now, were not so sure. Their premieres viewership ratings might very likely hit us hard."

"Therefore, your production team decided to invite me?" Lu Man smiled and shook her head. "But theres no point getting me onboard. Im at most only a C-lister right now. I do have fans, but my fanbase isnt large enough. My popularity cant even compare to those other stars. I can barely compare with B-listers."

Chi Xingrui never thought that she would be rather humble.

If any typical person were to have Lu Mans success, it was inevitable for them to feel a little proud and think that they are extremely incredible.

They would think that that they are close to beating a B-lister and can head straight towards the A-list, and if they just worked a little harder, that they could become an international superstar.

On the internet, Zhang Lun and those other people always talked about how Lu Man always disregarded others, was arrogant and proud, and didnt clearly know where she actually belonged.

Even though he knew that they were always just hating on Lu Man, he couldnt help but be a little affected by their words and think that if so many people were talking bad about Lu Man, they must have their own reasons.


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