The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Dont Say It Even If You Have Figured It Out

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Chi Xingruis reaction was extremely fast. He instantly remembered that the sponsor forThe Performerright now had become the Lu Corporation.

He couldnt hold it back and blurted out, "Could it be because of the sponsor?"

Lu Man smiled happily. "Assistant Director Chi, dont say it even if you have figured it out!"

"Hahahaha!" Chi Xingrui just laughed a little but hurriedly stopped.

They had only had a couple of sips of coffee but he had laughed quite a lot. He needed to hold back a little.

Chi Xingrui pressed against the corner of his lips, trying to flatten it down. He said, "Alright, then, its a win-win situation for us. We want to letThe Performerflop right at the start of their premiere, so much so that they cant make a comeback, while you want to let that person lose out by beatingThe Performerdown. Thats pretty good, pretty good."

Chi Xingrui came here prepared. He took out a contract from his briefcase. "This is the contract. Your pay will be 500,000 yuan."

Hu Zhonghuis eyebrow twitched a little. This pay was a little high!

Even though Lu Man had two high-grossing films in her portfolio, her own individual popularity and net worth werent too high.

It was like you appeared as a small character in a movie that grossed billions at the box office. You couldnt say that because this movies box office was good, you, a small character, would be popular too.

However, Hu Zhonghui didnt say it out loud. Of course, it would be best if the other party was willing to give Lu Man a higher pay.

Yet, even though Hu Zhonghui didnt say anything, Lu Man spoke instead. "Why are you paying me so much? My current net worth doesnt seem to deserve an appearance fee of 500,000 yuan."

It was different from moonlighting.

When moonlighting, taking part in some advertising work or some company annual event, etc., the pay would be a little higher.

However, for a major station like Dong Hua Stationand it was one of their popular variety showstaking part in it meant that you will gain exposure, that you will increase the publics recognition of you. All of these cant be measured with money.

Moreover,Classic X Fileshad always invited really popular artistes. For those who were like Lu Man right now, it would still be rather difficult for them to be able to get on that stage.

Therefore, if your net worth couldnt make the mark, dont even bother about thinking of getting a high appearance fee or anything.

Chi Xingrui didnt expect that Lu Man would be this honest. He smiled and said, "Indeed, our production team had set your appearance fee as 200,000 yuan."

Lu Man nodded. That should be the normal price.

If the pay was too high, not only would Lu Man not feel that she had benefitted from it, she would even be a little shocked and suspicious.

Why would something so good just fall from the sky for nothing?

Chi Xingrui saw that Lu Mans reaction right now was still as calm. His impression of her just got better.

Because of their old grievances with Lu Man, Zhang Lun and the others were always rather biased against her.

Originally, he thought that there would always be some partial truth to their words.

However, from the looks of it now, those bunch of people didnt say a single word of truth at all!

Lu Man completely wasnt like what they said.

Meeting her today, he finally realized how big of a difference Lu Man was in person as compared to how they were talking about her.

Lu Man was steady, calm, and knew her boundaries. She could see the situation very clearly and knew her own worth.

Honestly, thinking about it carefully, no matter what she did, they had honestly all been within her area of control and ability. She had never stepped across that boundary.

When other people looked at her behavior, it seemed as if she was being very high-profile and had completely overstepped, but in fact, she had always been in control of her own behavior. It only looked as if it was high-profile, but she had never overstepped.

She went against Zhang Lun on a very high profile battle, but she was actually representingRed Tigerwhen she went against Zhang Lun.

She was a small-time actress. Indeed, she cannot be compared with Zhang Lun, butRed Tigercould, right?!

Therefore, she usedRed Tigerto defeat Zhang Lun.

The ultimate winner was actuallyRed Tiger. However, because she was the one doing the act, others felt like she was obnoxiously and arrogantly going against Zhang Lun.

It was the same towards Bourbotte too. She usedRed Tigers entire team to fight against Bourbotte. She wasnt delusional and obnoxious to feel that she alone could be compared to Bourbotte.

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