The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Why Doesnt He Try Going Up To The Sky Then?

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It was precisely because there would occasionally be such surprise appearances that they could maintain their novelty and the audience could maintain their passion and keep anticipating this segment.

As these guests were helping their friends out, the production team didnt even have to pay them extremely expensive appearance fees.

Since there were secret guests, whom they didnt have to pay, to surprise the audience, the production earned a lot from it.

When Hu Zhonghui heard that, the corner of her mouth twitched a little. She said, "Your request is rather difficult. If you want someone like that, they would have to be on the level of Gao Zishan or Dong Qinrong. Never mind us, would your production team be able to invite them?"

"" Chi Xingrui stayed silent for a moment. Then, he smiled dryly. "I was just giving an example and telling Lu Man the scope."

Chi Xingrui realized that it rather seemed like he was putting Lu Man on a spot. Hence, he did not raise this topic up again.

At that moment, he recalled Lu Mans weakness in this industry.

They only considered Lu Mans talent in public relations, but they forgot that Lu Man had just entered the industry. She was still unsteady in the industry and didnt know many people.

They were asking her to find a secret guest, but who could she ask?

Even if she could bring someone, that someone might not be able to surprise the audience that much either.

However, they had already signed the contract. He also couldnt go against his word.

Chi Xingrui pinched between his brows and said, "If you really cant find anyone suitable, why dont I discuss it with our director when I get back and help you contact some people?"

Lu Man shook her head. She smiled and said, "Its alright, Ill think of something on my own and contact a few people."

Chi Xingrui thought,What plan could you possibly have?

Who could you possibly contact?

Please dont let them be like Lu Man; that is, a C-list or D-list actor.

Lu Man was different from other C-list actors. While position-wise, she was a C-lister, popularity-wise, she wasnt.

Lu Man was rather unique. Other C-list or D-list small actors were really of that level. There were not a lot of people who knew them.

Chi Xingrui thought about it and realized that that was also wrong. Lu Man had acted in only two films since she debuted. Of these, the small C-list actress Bai Shuangshuang, who was the female supporting character inGreedy Wolf Operation, was even beat down by Lu Man.

Lu Man couldnt possibly find Zhang Shuidong or Yu Yanshu, right?!

Chi Xingrui didnt think that she would be able to invite those of Zhang Shuidong or Yu Yanshus status.

Chi Xingrui decided to himself that, yes, he had better discuss this with the director when he got back.

Probably in order to save some face, Lu Man felt uncomfortable admitting it and summoned up her courage to say that she could find a suitable secret guest.

Chi Xingrui pondered it for a while, thinking of finding a way to give her an out. "Alright, then, you can try to look for one first, and Ill call you again on Wednesday. When that time comes, if youre still unable to find someone, our production team will help you to look. However, you have to be mentally prepared that if it is someone that our team can invite, they probably wouldnt be a really big shot. After all, we are working on such short notice. If we dont discuss with those popular artistes in advance, they would have filled up their schedules long ago."

By the side, Hu Zhonghui silently grumbled to herself mentally.Youre saying that your production team wouldnt be able to find some big shot for Lu Man, so why did you suggest that Lu Man should find a big shot, then?

Those conditions that he mentioned just now, perhaps only those of Gao Zishans status would be able to match them.

Why doesnt he try going up to the sky, then?

Lu Man could tell that Chi Xingrui didnt believe that she would be able to find a secret guest that could greatly attract the audience. However, Chi Xingrui was only thinking of helping her, so she didnt refuse either. She would deal with it after she managed to find someone.

She smiled and thanked Chi Xingrui.

Chi Xingrui sighed to himself. It was really nice that Lu Man had directly agreed to it. If he waited until Wednesday, time would really be too short and he really wouldnt be able to find many suitable people.

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