The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Too High Profile

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He wasnt asking for a really exquisite design. He just wanted the most basic ring to wear on his fourth finger to signify that he was married.

Lu Man also grabbed Han Zhuolis hand gleefully. He was wearing a simple ring on his middle finger too right now.

However, she didnt know whether those women would really show some decency after seeing the engagement ring on Han Zhuolis finger.

Han Zhuoli was used to holding things with his right hand. However, Han Zhuoli would never tell Lu Man that since he started wearing the engagement ring, as long as he was away, he had gotten used to holding things with his left hand.

Whether or not the other party had seen it, he had to intentionally make sure that they saw it a couple more times.

He would hold his wine glass with his left hand. When he applauded, his left hand was on top. He would seize any opportunity to show his left hand.

The two of them reached the shop to collect the rings. Only then did Lu Man find out that Han Zhuoli had ordered from this brand.

This shop was famous for its jewelry. However, their pricing was ten times or even tens of times more expensive than those lavish and luxurious jewelry brands.

Perhaps because the pricing was even crazier than those other brands, this brand wasnt well-known by everyone.

Lu Man had never even stepped into the gift shop where He Zhengbai bought the engraved bracelet for Lu Man, never mind this brand.

Now that she was with Han Zhuoli, she was coming here for the first time.

Han Zhuoli had an appointment with the shop staff and mentioned that he was here to collect the rings.

The brands designer was directly requested to design the ring. It was only for Lu Man alone and wasnt for mass production. It could be said that it was a one-of-a-kind ring.

Not long after, the shop staff appeared with the ring.

She first opened the ring box for the mans ring. It was a simple ring band with no decoration.

To be honest, Han Zhuoli was planning to just wear his engagement ring on his fourth finger.

However, Han Zhuoli wanted to buy a matching pair, a pair that matched Lu Mans ring.

After that, the shop staff opened the ring box for Lu Mans ring.

Right after the box was opened, Lu Man couldnt help but hold her breath.

It was too beautiful.

The entire ring was like an exquisite crown. It was the most complicated and the most extravagant.

At the tip, there was a huge blue gem. It was the main jewel for the ring.

And below the blue gemstone was an encirclement of blue jewels of different shapes and sizes. Lu Man couldnt even tell what type of jewel it was.

It formed a gradient with the blue gemstone at the tip. When you look at it, it looked like they were gradually changing.

All the way until the ring band.

The ring band was covered in smaller diamonds. From the main jewel at the tip, which was the darkest gem that was blue in color, the color gradually faded to transparent on the ring band, like it was a sea wave.

Lu Man had always really liked blue gemstones. She felt that they were really elegant and serious, steady yet a little melancholic.

However, she had never told Han Zhuoli about that before. How could Han Zhuoli know that she liked blue gems?

Han Zhuoli picked up the ring and put it on for Lu Man.

Naturally, it was a perfect fit.

Do you like it? Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man nodded. She was a little taken aback.

It was beautiful, but it was too high-profile!

If she wore it on her hand, others might not be able to see anything else and would see only a huge ring first.

As if she could read Lu Mans thoughts, the shop staff smiled and explained, This is a design that Mr. Han had specifically requested the designer to modify and custom-make. We followed his requests and found a blue gemstone and specially polished and crafted it. This main blue jewel was really difficult to find. Our brands curator personally went everywhere to look for various materials. He attended all sorts of auctions and finally found it. The most difficult part was this blue jewel.

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