The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Why Are The Two Of You Together?

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"Mr. Han even specially requested for the two layers to be separatable." The staff reached out and demonstrated it to Lu Man.

With just a gentle pluck, the top layer of the two layers of the ring band loosened, along with the layers of gems on top of it. The biggest and most eye-catching blue gemstone also loosened off.

On Lu Mans slender finger, only the ring band of clustered diamonds remained.

It was just a thin and small ring. It was as low-profile as she wanted it to be.

Perhaps no one would even think that it came from this brand. They would think that the clustered diamonds probably wasnt worth much.

Yet, those who actually knew this brand would realize that even their clustered diamonds were shockingly expensive.

"I knew that you would definitely think that it is too high-profile," Han Zhuoli said. "If you can take them apart like that, you can wear it daily."

Anyway, it was definitely unacceptable to not wear her wedding ring.

Lu Man was young and pretty; she would be too attractive to men.

One shouldnt judge Lu Man plainly from her aggressive and hot-tempered behavior when shes at the peak of her anger while dissing someone.

She had an innocent and harmless-looking face. Her fair skin was so white and translucent, and a gentle shade of pink tinted her cheeks. Her skin was so delicate that you could barely see a pore.

She was young. Though she might not have a babyface, she still looked innocent and clueless.

Her red cheeks looked soft and dewy, and when her big round eyes blinked, they made her look like an innocent, pure, and harmless young woman.

A lot of men couldnt resist this type of woman.

Han Zhuoli squeezed her hand lovingly and adoringly. Then, he even tucked the loose strands of her soft hair behind her ear.

Given that shes such a beautiful and attractive little girl, how could he ever stop worrying when she was alone outside?

Therefore, she had to wear her wedding ring.

Just like how Lu Man couldnt help but worry about those women, Han Zhuoli couldnt stop worrying about those men either.

Lu Man carefully took off the ring. Then, she let the staff piece together the separated layer back onto the ring and place it back into the box.

Lu Man stored it away carefully. It wasnt because of how expensive this ring was. It was because it was the wedding ring that Han Zhuoli had painstakingly prepared for her. It was their wedding ring, the ring they were going to wear for the rest of their lives.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Mans bare and empty fourth finger regretfully. "I really want you to just put it on right now."

"No can do," Lu Man immediately said. "I can wear it only after we get our certificate."

She was very persistent.

Han Zhuoli smiled.

It was going to be soon anyway. After the Lunar New Year holiday, they could get registered on the 9th day of the new year.

He didnt really care about picking an auspicious date or anything, but Old Mrs. Han was very particular about it.

Han Zhuoli pinched her bare and empty fourth finger. Just as he was about to leave with Lu Man, they suddenly heard a scream. "You two!"

The other party was so shocked that she couldnt continue speaking.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man turned around. It was Dai Yiran, who had just walked in.

She was probably here to look at the accessories. It was such a coincidence that they would actually meet.

Dai Yiran was so surprised that she couldnt help but keep screaming. Her finger kept pointing at Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, alternating between the two of them.

At that moment, she could even see that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were holding hands.

Dai Yirans eyes widened, revealing a large part of the white of her eyes. It was as if her eyes were going to fall out of the sockets.

She would never have expected that Han Zhuoli would actually be with Lu Man!

How could he and Lu Man be together?!

How how could Lu Man ever deserve him?!

Why did she get to be with Han Zhuoli?!

"Why are the two of you together?" Dai Yiran was so livid that she was about to go crazy. She completely couldnt accept this outcome.

Han Zhuoli didnt want her but wanted Lu Man instead!

What was so good about Lu Man?!

What was she even?!

Dai Yiran was so angry that she had lost her mind. Her entire mind was filled with thoughts that Lu Man completely didnt deserve to be with Han Zhuoli.

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