The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 906

Chapter 906 You Played Me

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The eyes that stared at their held hands were deadly. No matter how she looked at it, it still looked so unsightly.

Suddenly, as if mad, she dashed forward, wanting to separate Lu Man and Han Zhuolis hands.

Han Zhuolis face darkened, and he pulled Lu Man behind him to protect her. Yet, Dai Yiran had already dashed towards them.

The members of the staff were all dumbfounded too.

None of them could react to Dai Yirans sudden action.

Even the security officers who were all dressed in black were a little taken aback.

Finally, they came to their senses and rushed forward, trying to hold Dai Yiran back.

From the looks of it, it looked like a love rivalry!

If this were to blow up in the shop and if the news leaked out, their brand, which didnt do any other forms of advertising, would be so embarrassed!

However, before they could even touch Dai Yiran, they watched as Han Zhuoli lifted his long leg and kicked Dai Yiran without any hesitation. Just like that, he kicked her so hard that she flew a little. Thankfully, the security officer behind her managed to catch her.

1Han Zhuoli placed his foot down. He even rubbed it hard against the ground as if the sole of his foot had gotten dirty from touching Dai Yiran.

Dai Yiran held her stomach in pain, wailing loudly, "Big Brother Han, you"

1Once that sound broke out, Han Zhuolis cold and harsh gaze shot towards her.

Dai Yirans words seemed to have been sliced by an invisible sword. She shut up instantly.

Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man along and left.

"Wait!" Dai Yiran shrieked.

She suddenly realized that back when she was working for the Han Corporation, Lu Man was in the same department as her.

1Back then, Han Zhuoli always sided with Lu Man. He would always help Lu Man out no matter what the issue was.

Eventually, for Lu Mans sake, he even chased her out of the Han Corporation.

Dai Yiran stared with deathly eyes at both of them. "Were the two of you together since long ago? Were you two already together back when I was still working for the Han Corporation?"

"Youre crazy," Han Zhuoli scoffed coldly. Without even turning back, he pulled Lu Man along and left.

Dai Yiran was still in the shop. She shouted loudly at their backs, "How dare the two of you lie to me! You played me for a fool!"

1Werent the two of them just making a fool out of her?!

Clearly, back when she was with the Han Corporation, they were already together. Yet, they still pretended as if there was nothing going on between them.

Lu Man just watched her like Han Zhuoli did, but in reality, Lu Man was probably mocking her in her heart!

No wonder that, back then, everything good that happened all happened to Lu Man.

No wonder that, back then, when she competed against Lu Man, Han Zhuoli chose to believe Lu Man without any hesitation.

1As long as she started fighting with Lu Man over anything, Han Zhuoli would appear immediately.


She was being played with all along!

But what ability or right did Lu Man have? How could she?!

Dai Yiran held her painful stomach that Han Zhuoli had kicked and gritted her teeth angrily. She couldnt give in so easily.

"Im sorry, Miss, we cant host you here in our shop," a security officer dressed in black said.

Instantly, four people appeared in front of Dai Yiran.

After seeing Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, even she didnt want to stay around here either!

Dai Yiran shoved the security officers away. She tidied up her appearance a little. However, her stomach was still throbbing in pain from Han Zhuolis kick. It was still painful even until.

1However, all that pain still couldnt compare to the suffocation she felt in her chest right now.

After entering her car, Dai Yiran was still thinking about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

If the two of them had been together since Lu Man was with the Han Corporation, then a lot of things that happened after that seemed explainable.

Lu Man had always been offending other people all along. There were people along the way who couldnt stand her.

From the Han Corporation investing in and supportingGreedy Wolf OperationtoRed Tigers eventual fight with Zhang Lun and Bourbotte

For every single thing that happened to Lu Man, the Han Corporation would be there in the shadows.

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