The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 908

Chapter 908 When Do They Plan To Get Married?

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"You know that Ive always really liked that jewelry brand. Today, I was just passing by and so I walked in to take a look, and I ended up seeing the two of them. For that jewelry brand, just a simple ring or even a necklace would cost at least a few hundreds of thousands! With how poor Lu Man is, would she even be able to afford it? Perhaps for the past 20 or so years before today, she had never even stepped foot into that shop. She probably doesnt even know how the door opens. Now that she managed to catch Han Zhuoli, it is like she managed to catch an ATM machine. She is really taking so much advantage of Han Zhuoli!"

1Xia Yixin pursed her lips. She thought to herself,Han Zhuoli is such a smart and clever person, how would he be so easily cheated and taken advantage of?

Besides, Han Zhuoli himself was happy to do so too!

Xia Yixin just listened, treating the words as a puff of wind by her ear.

Right after that, Dai Yiran said, "Yixin, do the seniors in the Han Family know about all that Lu Man had done? I managed to see them today by coincidence. Before I met them, who knows how much money she has coaxed out of Han Zhuoli?"

Thankfully, Lu Man didnt know that Dai Yiran said that.

If Lu Man were present, she would definitely tell her, "Not much, just about a few billions."

1Just the investment onGreedy Wolf OperationandRed Tigerfor her sake cost about a few billion yuan.

However, eventually, Lu Man helped Han Zhuoli to earn it all back, and even quite a lot more.

However, when Han Zhuoli first invested his money, he didnt think that he would be able to earn so much.

He invested only because of Lu Man.

1"If the elders in the Han Family dont know about it, we have to let them know who Lu Man really is and not let them be fooled!" Dai Yiran said.

It turned out that this was Dai Yirans true motive.

"Even if the Han Family completely dont even care about that measly sum of money, getting fooled has nothing to do with money," Dai Yiran said.

Xia Yixin sighed and said, "Yiran, I know what you mean, but Han Zhuoli is such a clever person. Whether or not she is fooling him, how could he not know? To put things differently, even if Lu Man is really fooling him, Han Zhuolis attitude clearly shows that he doesnt care about that."

Dai Yiran stubbornly replied, "No, its because Lu Man is too good at faking it. Han Zhuoli doesnt know!"

Xia Yixin said helplessly, "Yiran, to tell you the truth, the two of them are already engaged and are even preparing to get married soon. Lu Man has long since received the Han Family elders acknowledgment. Moreover, it was even Old Mrs. Han who personally suggested that the two of them should get married. From the two elders to Han Zhuolis parents, everyone has agreed to their marriage."

A loud "boom" blew up in Dai Yirans mind, blowing her mind to a blank state.


The two of them were actually getting married?

That lowly Lu Man. What right did she have to get married to Han Zhuoli and become Mrs. Han?!

She completely didnt deserve it!

"How could that be?! Uncle Han clearly promised that he is going to help me and Han Zhuoli get together! But now Han Zhuoli is actually going to get married to Lu Man instead?!" Dai Yiran was unable to accept this matter.

Xia Yixin sighed. "So what if my father-in-law supports you? He is only Han Zhuolis uncle. Han Zhuolis parents have both accepted Lu Man. What speaking power does an uncle even have? Even if he objects, who would listen to him?"

If it was something that Han Zhuoli had already decided on, even if Han Xijin and Shen Nuo objected, Han Zhuoli might not even listen to them. What more Han Dongping?

"When is it?" Dai Yiran suddenly asked. "When do they plan to get married?"

Xia Yixin was hesitant.

1Because of what Han Zhuoling said, Xia Yixin didnt dare to say anything more to Dai Yiran.

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