The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 909

Chapter 909 Could Go Around City B Three Times

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It was Dai Yiran herself who personally witnessed Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans relationship. Since she came to look for her to confirm it, then she was only telling Dai Yiran the truth, that was all.

Now that Dai Yiran was asking about Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans wedding date, Xia Yixin considered it for a moment and felt that since the two of them were going to get married anyway, she should let Dai Yiran know about it sooner so that she could quickly give up. That would be pretty good too.

Therefore, Xia Yixin truthfully replied, "It will be after the Lunar New Year holiday. On the 9th day of the New Year, both of them will get registered. That day was even picked by Old Mrs. Han after she checked through the lunar calendar. It is an auspicious date. Old Mrs. Han even personally fixed the time."

Dai Yiran gritted her teeth tightly. Ever since Lu Mans appearance, her life had never been smooth-sailing.

Before Lu Man came along, her life was never short of anything; she could have everything she wanted.

However, after she met Lu Man, it was as if she could never find that smooth-sailing path in her life anymore.

She couldnt get anything she wanted, and everything she wanted landed in Lu Mans hands instead.

"I understand," Dai Yiran said calmly.

What did she understand?

Xia Yixin was a little taken aback. She thought that Dai Yiran had actually come to her senses so easily. "Yiran, Han Zhuoli is about to get married too, so dont think about it so much anymore. Why keep harping on the same person?"

Besides, there were no feelings to speak of between the two of them at all.

It was all Dai Yirans one-sided wishful thinking. Besides, the two of them didnt even have any interaction in the past.

Han Zhuoli completely never cared about Dai Yiran at all.

It was all Han Dongping who kept brainwashing Dai Yiran, saying that the two of them were close and were meant to be together.

He brainwashed Dai Yiran so much that she almost became crazy.

"I got it," Dai Yiran said calmly. "If theres nothing else, Ill be hanging up. Ill call you again tomorrow."

"Okay, then." Xia Yixin didnt want to chat with her any longer either.

Therefore, Dai Yiran hung up the phone too.

However, Dai Yirans gaze was extremely cold.

Lu Man wanted to marry Han Zhuoli?



Elsewhere, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were already on the way back home.

Until now, Lu Man still hadnt come back to her senses. Han Zhuoli really stayed true to his word and kicked Dai Yiran. He didnt hesitate at all.

However, she liked it!

It was good that he did that and not let any other woman come close to him!

Lu Man smiled happily.

Han Zhuoli occasionally glanced at her. Every time he did, he could see that Lu Man was foolishly being happy with herself.

He probably could guess why Lu Man was so foolishly happy. The corner of his mouth also curled upwards uncontrollably.

"Youre that happy?" Han Zhuoli saw her blissfully happy look. Her cheeks were faintly tinted red. Unable to control himself, he reached out and pinched her cheek.

As expected, it was smooth and soft.

Lu Man hurriedly covered her face. This mans pinch was really too strong. She even felt a little pain too.

"You were so impolite to Dai Yiran. That made me happy," Lu Man replied truthfully.

Han Zhuoli smiled. He pulled Lu Mans hand over. He held her hand as he drove.

Lu Man saw how happy he looked and couldnt help but wonder. They had only collected their wedding rings and that made him so happy already. After they officially get registered and married, who knows how happy he would be then?

He was clearly so outstanding. He was a man who would never be short of women falling for him. As long as he says that he wants to get married, Lu Man didnt know whether or not the women who would line up to do so would go around the world three times, but she knew that it would definitely go around City B three times.

Yet, he looked like he had a really difficult time and could now finally get married; he was so happy that it was as if he was a 50-year-old bachelor.

Lu Man tilted her head. Looking at Han Zhuolis side profile, she was a little smitten.

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