The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Cant Avoid It

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How could there be a man like that?

So outstanding but not using that point of his, picking only one woman despite the thousands available. When he chose one, his heart wont change. It was as if the whole world was left with only the woman he liked, and no matter how outstanding the other women were, he could not be bothered to even look at them.

Being liked by him, being doted on, and being the center of his world, only she was the best in his eyes. Others could not make it.

This could even give people the wrong feeling, like they were really the best in the world.

He actually had the ability to be a playboy, possessing all the qualities that can make a woman sad.

If it were another person who had his qualities, they would probably be playing until they were crazy. Some people who were not as good as he was were extremely horrible men.

Was there a shortage of those kinds of examples?

Yet however outstanding Han Zhuoli was, he was very honest and did not know what being a playboy was.

She also did not know how she got so lucky, being able to meet him in this life and being liked by him.

Perhaps it was that she had too hard a time in her past life, and so, in this life, she was extremely fortunate.

Originally, when she just got to know him, she thought he was like those men, arrogant, a playboy, not the marriage type, and not one to treat women like anything, playing with them for a while if he found them fresh, then throwing the woman away after he got bored.

The first time she saw him, she found that he was very cool, full of evil energy.

So when he said he liked her, she did not really believe him and really did not feel any sense of safety, scared that he would not like her after the freshness was gone and that, at that time, she would already have fallen.

Shes not a person who would put in her feelings easily, but once she did, she would fall very deep.

But in the end, she could not avoid her liking for him. He appeared in front of her again and again, helping her solve problems and get through tough situations.

After all, hes a man with so much charisma.

How could she manage to hide from him?

He did not know that, at that time, she agreed to be with him with all-or-nothing thoughts.

She wanted to try one last time to love someone and trust a man.

If it failed again, her whole life would just be like that.

She did not think that he would not give her a chance to be sad or disappointed, and they managed to walk all the way until this today.

If it were another man who was as outstanding as he was, his other half would probably not feel at ease at all, very scared that he would be snatched away by someone else.

Extremely scared that the temptations outside would be too many and too large, they would be full of insecurities.

But Han Zhuoli was not the same. Being together with him, Lu Man had never worried about that.

Yes, she would be a bit jealous sometimes and not allow him to look at other women and want him to stay further away from them.

But the truth was, she was really not worried in her heart.

She had never been worried that he would like someone else.

It was not that she was confident that she was very outstanding. Instead, it was because she trusted him.

Trusted his heart for her.

Lu Man also found it very miraculous. She was full of distrust at first, as well as fear, and now, she trusted him with all her heart.

It was an unknowing change, and it was all because of Han Zhuolis sacrifice and hard work.

Lu Mans gaze was really too burning, and however concentrated on driving Han Zhuoli was, he still felt it.

Turning around, he saw that Lu Man was in a daze, looking at him with a warm smile on his face.

It did not have any seductiveness in it. It was warm like the sun in the afternoon, but as long as it was on Lu Mans face, Han Zhuoli felt like he could not control himself.

The immersive look she had when looking at him was really very satisfying.

The golden and shining sun of the afternoon shone through the window and on her hair, causing the top of her hair to look like a whole area made of gold, like it was covered in a mild golden light.

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