The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 911

Chapter 911 She Loses When It Came To How Thick Skinned They Are

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That kind of deep love from deep in her heart came out through her dark eyes and onto his body.

Han Zhuolis heart tightened, and he held her hand tight, fingers interlaced with hers. "Why are you so in a daze while looking at me?"

Lu Man opened her mouth and realized there were no words to describe how good this man was.

She wanted to say it out, but she realized that she didnt have the words.

If she had to use words to describe it, it could not fulfil even 10 to 20 percent of her emotions.

Lu Man then slowly closed her lips but grabbed his right hand with her two hands and gently kissed the back of it. "I dont know how to express it. I just feel that you are very good and my expression is not good enough. In this world, there is no one who can be compared to you."

When she really said it out, she realized that no matter what she said, only those few phrases would do. It was really very simple.

Yet these sorts of words that were so straightforward really hit Han Zhuoli in his heart.

The back of Han Zhuolis hand was still stuck on her lips, soft and moist.

The force on his hand increased.

This girl!

He was driving, but she was seducing him!

Han Zhuoli observed the road situation around and finally saw a small alley opening in front.

Instantly turning the steering wheel, he turned into the small alley.

While it can be called an alley, in actual fact, it was just a narrower road with fewer cars.

Because the road was too narrow, Han Zhuoli directly drove the car onto the roadside.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli in confusion. What was he parking here for?

Lu Man did not get to see how Han Zhuoli looked clearly when she was pulled by the hand he was using to hold her.

Her whole body was pulled into his embrace.

Lu Mans nose almost bumped into his chest, and Han Zhuoli used his force to encircle her and to rub her into his embrace.

This strength was like he wanted to instantly squeeze her into his bones and flesh.

"I was driving, and you actually tried to seduce me?" Han Zhuoli asked hoarsely, lowering his head to bite on her ear.

Lu Man: "???"

Wasnt she being wrongly accused?

She was just looking at him, and looking at him a few more times, and it suddenly became seductive?

Even though she was looking at him with a face full of happiness and of feeling touched, how could he feel that that was seductiveness?

Lu Man speechlessly hit his chest a few times. "Never!"

Han Zhuoli laughed lightly, lowering his head to kiss the lobe of her ear, and then kissing behind her ear.

In the end, his lips touched the tip of her ear. "If I feel that there is, there is."

Lu Man: ""

Is he even being reasonable anymore?!

"Youre really!" Lu Man was so angry that she laughed. "I was just feeling touched just now, feeling that you are especially good, and in the end, you are actually"

"Wanting to have s*x with you?" Han Zhuoli smiled and continued.

Lu Man: ""

She loses when it came to how thick-skinned they both were.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and kissed her forcefully. "If you keep looking at me like that at home, I wont be able to hold myself back."

Lu Man felt very wrongly accused. Her face was red as she used her forehead to bump into his chest. "I felt that you were especially good just now, and I felt that no matter how much I looked at you, it was not enough. I did not have any other intentions."

"Yes, you didnt," Han Zhuoli said in a light voice. "I do."

Lu Man: ""

There was no way to properly interact with him anymore.

Looking at her troubled look, Han Zhuoli was so amused that he laughed lowly. His throat vibrating from his laughter to his vibrating Adams apple, they were all very sexy.

Han Zhuoli kissed Lu Man again and could not help but rub her into his embrace once more before letting go of her and driving again.


When they returned home, Han Zhuoli could not wait and had Lu Man take out the ring so she could wear it.

"Didnt we agree to put it on after we get our marriage certificate?" Lu Man said while still taking out her ring.

"I know. Just wear it once for me to see," Han Zhuoli said. "I want to see how you look wearing a wedding ring."

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