The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 912

Chapter 912 All Busy

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Lu Man also took out Han Zhuoli’s wedding ring. “Then you wear yours too.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuoli happily agreed. His happy look was a bit like that of a child.

Lu Man put on the wedding ring for Han Zhuoli, and Han Zhuoli insisted on taking Lu Man’s and putting it on for her.

The day where they would get their marriage certificate was yet to come, but Han Zhuoli’s eyes were already a little red.

“Beautiful,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

Lu Man grabbed Han Zhuoli’s hands, her fingers lightly rubbing his fourth finger.

It was a very simple ring, with no decorative designs at all, but on his finger, it still looked very good.

In the end, the two of them stored away their rings, a bit unwillingly.

Hoping that the day they get their marriage certificate would come faster.


The second day was Monday, and Han Zhuoli went to the company.

Lu Man then returned to Xia Qingwei’s house and had Hu Zhonghui meet her there. The two of them discussed looking for her secret guest.

In the study, the two of them first made a list of whom they could ask.

Actually, the number of people that she could ask was not a lot. It was as Chi Xingrui worried. Lu Man had only just entered the industry, and as of now, she had filmed only two movies and had not participated in any shows. She did not know anyone in the industry at all.

Actually, this lack was already exposed during the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships.

The other students all contacted their friends in the circle to help in their performance. It was just that Lu Man could not find a suitable person and, in the end, sought out the teachers of the National Film Academy.

The good thing was, at that time, it turned out to be beneficial.

But now, Lu Man could not seek out the classmates and teachers from the National Film Academy.

Among those who were a little famous, like Li Zeyu and Ni Xue, Ni Xue was participating inThe Performerwhile Li Zeyu had declined to participate in the same show using the excuse of having to rest. Even though everyone found out later that that was just an excuse, he could not change his mind and join theClassic X Files. That was too much like slappingThe Performer‘s production group’s face.

He was different from Lu Man, anyway. Lu Man had long fallen out with the production group.

As for Zhang Xiaoying

Lu Man shook her head. Setting aside the fact that her relationship with Zhang Xiaoying was not that good, Zhang Xiaoying’s acting skills were also not that great.

In the end, after searching around everywhere, they still had to ask someone from the two movies.

Lu Man’s relationship with Zhang Jian and Liu Chuanhui were quite normal, and after the movie started to air and the publicity ended, they had that kind of relationship where they greeted each other during festivals.

Compared to Liu Chuanhui, Lu Man’s relationship with Zhang Jian was slightly better.

So Lu Man gave Zhang Jian a call first.

No one picked up Zhang Jian’s phone.

“Zhang Jian seems to have joined a production group recently. He must be filming now,” Hu Zhonghui recalled.

Lu Man could only temporarily hang up and give Liu Chuanhui a call.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Liu Chuanhui was helpless. “I have a show to film this Friday. If you’d said it earlier, I would have rejected it to help you.”

“It’s nothing.” Lu Man had already been mentally prepared. Because ofRed Tiger, Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian had been asked to act in a lot of shows and had events continuously lined up. It was probably that they really had no free time on their schedules.

She did not feel that Liu Chuanhui was using an excuse to reject her.

Though they fought together before, she still understood Liu Chuanhui’s personality; she was very upright.

Her relationships with Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian were definitely better than her relationships with Zhang Shuidong and Yu Yanshu.

Before this, when she fought withThe Performer, the latter two supported her instantly, saying that they trusted her person and that there was definitely some misunderstanding.

The two of them naturally could not totally go against Xing Ke Station. Them being able to say that they trusted her was already a rare occurrence.

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